Crosswalk rules

EDITOR: I am wondering when did it become acceptable to ignore the crosswalk rules or etiquette? Is it not the law to stop when you see someone at the crosswalk waiting to cross the street, whether it is during the daytime or at night? Has something changed with the way things are today with the influx of people that have arrived in the last few years? Was the rule book thrown out along with the manners that we all grew up with? What would you do if you saw someone at the crosswalk waiting to cross? Would you stop, like you are supposed to and let them go or would you just ignore them and keep going? The crosswalks are there for a reason and that reason is to protect people as they cross the roads. I have experienced the blatant disregard for ignoring the law in the last few years, but it seems this past year it has gotten worse. I am not sure what has happened but does anyone know that they are supposed to stop for the person anymore? People just ignore you as you wait and you watch them go by in disbelief. Some who know the rules and know that they have to stop, do so. Those people that do this; I give them thanks. To those who do not; they get angry looks from me and sometimes, I shout out at them; basically saying "Hello, I am right here. Do you not see me? Hello!"

I remember a few months back, while I was waiting to cross; someone came up, like they were going to stop them changed their mind and kept going. What happened next was great, at least to me. Probably not to him, though. There was a SUV police "car" behind him and pulled him over. I bet he will remember from now on to stop at the crosswalk. As for those people who jaywalk, the crosswalk is there for you for that same reason. It is to protect you against drivers who decide not to stop. I have read that there have been a lot of accidents also and some are for that one reason. I wonder what drivers are thinking when they see someone waiting to cross? Are they thinking at all? Or are they thinking: oh, there is someone waiting but I don't feel like stopping. I am in a hurry to get to work or go home. They won't mind if I just go right on by. Well, I beg to differ. We, who are waiting to cross, do mind. We have places to go and so forth also. I think, sometimes they don't even see us waiting. They turn a blind eye to everything except what it straight ahead. Or maybe where they come from, they don't have that rule. I just don't know. All I know is for those who do decide to stop, are the heroes in my book. They have the manners that were ingrained in them and know right from wrong. What will it take to finally get the fact that it is the law to stop at the crosswalk when there are people waiting to cross? Will there be police waiting to stop you and give you a huge fine? Will there be an accident where the person is killed and the person is charged with murder? What will it take? It is not fun waiting to cross and many cars pass before one driver makes the good decision to stop. I am but one person who wishes that there was more that could be done to make sure we are all safe to cross the road.

Stephanie Grohol