Wrong location

EDITOR: This summer I moved my business into the building across from the proposed Dunkin' Donuts site, on Elmira Street in Troy Borough.

Although we are not open until 9 a.m. I have spent time there and observed the traffic during Troy's morning rush. It is obvious to me that prime coffee time will certainly coincide with the "bus rush." Add in the traffic from the intersection with Porter Road, and I foresee a daily snarl in traffic every weekday morning, as well as busy afternoons.

I can NOT believe PennDOT approved this! With the curve in Elmira Street, the bridge abutment obstructing line of site, and the amount of turning and traffic that will occur.

As a property owner on Porter Road and former resident of the same, I think I can safely say that those who reside there would not like to have their access to Elmira Street impeded any further.

As the governing powers of Troy rejoice that the updated traffic signal plans progress, I beg them to consider that they may be playing a shell game with traffic issues, as the congestion just moves to the east end of town. I invite, and implore, any and all, of the Troy Borough Council and Troy Borough Planning Commission to spend a school morning, or Friday afternoon on my lot and see the current traffic situation, and imagine the fallout when cross turns in and out of a drive-through coffee shop are added to the equation.

Please don't get Troy into something that we'll kick ourselves over for the next 25 years, just for the feather in cap of another franchise in town.

This business IS right for our town.

This is the WRONG location.

Rob Storch

Owner of Tygart Beverage Co. Inc.