Where was everybody?

EDITOR: I recently attended the Wyalusing Area School District's Community Budget Roundtable Forum, which was held on Thursday, Feb. 6, at the high school. This was held so that the taxpayers could come out and see what the budget shortfall for next school year was going to be at this point in time, as well as some of the bigger expenditures. It was also for the purpose of sitting down and talking face to face with the board members about your concerns as well as your suggestions regarding the budget, and ways to save money in order to cut the budget deficit. There was a flyer/brochure sent out in the mail that had this advertised and it was in the paper as well. What I don't understand is, where in the world were all the people? There might have been 20 community members at that meeting. Then I attended the board meeting, which is generally held on the second Monday of every month, and there were even fewer people there! Everyone wants to complain about what they are doing, but it doesn't do any good if you don't go to the meeting, and let them know how you feel.

Unless I am not seeing things from the right point of view, I would say that they are trying to listen to us now. Or am I looking at things through rose colored glasses?

According to their figures at this time, we are facing a $1.2 million deficit again this year. There is a copy of the roundtable presentation on the school website and it will tell you some of the highlights of the budget deficit. They are asking for input from the public and we need to respond in greater numbers! There is going to be a public meeting later this month to starting working on eliminating the deficit and I hope to see us out in force. They will be advertising this meeting soon, so watch the paper, or check their website.

Jason Boatman