EDITOR: It is the duty of every citizen to vote - to be informed is another matter, we are too soon forgetful of past performances of candidates and apt to be influenced by deliberately spread untruths. Such is an imperfection of the democratic process, best in the world. This historian sets the scene for the forthcoming Waverly election of a mayor, perceiving a less than auspicious beginning, one which appears as a hitting below the belt effort if not by the candidate, then by who? Martin Borko must publicly defend himself against any implication there is a connection between the announced start up of his campaign, by endorsement of former Mayor Dan Leary and the coincidental, therefore appearance of a dirty tricks type attack against an opponent, new to politics, who is faulted for being behind in his taxes. Correctly the media pointed out this man lost everything and had to take care of the needs of his family foremost. You and I would do the same. It is correct thinking, common sense. He wins my vote.

From a historical point of view, candidate Borko wastes energy involving himself in a divisive subject; gun control which is unrelated to the level of activity identified with the office he seeks. He injures himself, alienating voters opposing his position, and voters like myself who seek substance, precisely what will be do to improve Waverly. And I don't want fluff. What is his economic plan? Is he out to perpetuate the past, or is he showing lack of savvy in this important matter? My belief is in days to come we may pleasantly find our newcomer candidate has strength we desperately need if to preserve public jobs.

Borko failed us during his period in the county legislature when at no cost to the village he could have torn down the useless NPL building, extended Elizabeth Street one block past its present ending on Fulton Street, thus diverting traffic off Fulton onto Broad Street that was west bound, and in the process created much needed off- street all-day parking good for business. Common sense unexercised by Borko, he has wounded himself.

As for Leary's endorsement, it reminds one of the expression about the pot calling the kettle black, or the reverse, what matters? It mattered in his funding of our sewers paid for by bonding us. He did not exercise the option to completely cover the cost by a Federal grant, from the Economics Development Administration. The North East States Federal Director was my lunch buddy by design of my department, he wanting targets, we wanted expenditure money. I was his source for targeting his infrastructure money. It took a phone call from an official for me to act. In a heartbeat Waverly could have been funded. Leary's call never came for reason of personal ego. His endorsement of Borko adds nothing.

To the new contender I will open my mind to say we can save public jobs, which are funded in part by Federal and state dollars that may no longer be available, by a simple expedient, the reduction of our taxes to pay for that old shoe building now hangout for Village operations. Funded over a 40 year payback, include $2.8 million being interest. By cuttling the payback to 18 years and refinancing at the very low rate today, we can cut $1 million in interest. These are ball park estimates. Based on actual findings we can design a fail safe budget for Waverly, seek assistance through a door I can open through personal ongoing communication with a top official at Albany, and strengthen Waverly's posture during the perilous four year period ahead. That's practical economics. I could do business with a bright minded mayor if we so choose.

Ray Ward