In support of Andy Quinlan

EDITOR: This holiday moment I think of those who have bettered our lives, while in contrast are those filled with slander and accusation.

Puffed up with pompous authority, these gossipers seek to profit as sources of wisdom by the rumors they spread, the falsehoods they contrive, especially as they pick on persons of good will. In the case of Andy Quinlan, a man of high integrity very vital despite his 81 years, his constitution has suffered from these unrelenting attacks. Today he is belabored by ill health and the stressful decision to give up his business and his office in the county legislature. At this point in time it has not been his intention to retire, this consequence brought on by the strain of false accusations.

What a shame. This is not the Christmas "gift" Andy should be given, and particularly not to one who has given much, who has deep feelings for his community and those in hardship. He himself came up through hard work. He enriched many people's lives. Andy, aided by his wife, built a successful business, aiding an economy, sharing in their gratitude. Those who fault this couple, should themselves as contributors to society be so measured. He practiced the message of this holiday.

Virginia Ward

Waverly, N.Y.