It's my right...

EDITOR: In response to the gun owner who has hunted for over 60 years or any one else who supports the ban on assault rifles. What makes your right to hunt superior to my right to target practice.

There are many rights that people disagree with. Does that mean we should ban all rights? People shoot clay pigeons for fun and sport. Should we ban this? People share their views in the editorials. Should we ban this? I don't like your views but I can't ban them. You have the right to go bowling this weekend. I have the right to go to the range and shoot my assault rifle. This is the United States Of America where people have rights. What makes your right so superior to mine that you can take my right away. The biggest difference in these rifles is the ability to fire every time you pull the trigger. There are semi automatic rifles and shotguns for hunting. Most pistols are semi automatic or double action. There are extra clips or speed loaders that take only a second to reload. What is to prevent a ban on these guns?

Guns do not kill, people do.

The politicians are using a terrible tragedy to forward their own agenda and strip away our rights. The NRA is a group of people trying to protect our rights and freedom. So, even though I don't own an assault rifle or belong to the NRA, I will contact my congressmen to let them know I do support gun rights.

Rick Worthington