Dens of iniquity

EDITOR: Kudos to Mr. Harry Patterson on his Letter to the Editor in the March 14 Daily Review. This was in regard to (1) the "stupidity" of assigning Pennsylvania State troopers to provide security at our state sponsored "dens of iniquity" and (2) to our Pennsylvania State senators who are applauding the appointments.

These so-called casinos are obviously viewed by those who were elected to their high positions of responsibility because of high moral and ethical standards, as a way to loosen the state purses that feed their ever-increasing salaries, medical plans and retirement plans and at this point, I would like to inject the thought that the time has come to consider term limits for "would-be legislators."

The gambling industry, in my estimation, is no way to fund education, hospitalization and other supposedly meritorious endeavors. If these things are worth having, they are worth tax dollars. And in this particular instance, we should not be hiring Pennsylvania State Troopers to patrol gaming tables.

I think that it is time to find legislators - and members of the executive branch - who will look at reducing the cost of government; starting with their own lucrative support system.

I would like to congratulate (Tina) Pickett on her article printed in the afore mentioned issue. However, I can not see how it will help to make resources available for chronic, sick gamblers, when "enticing, free lottery tickets" are being sent out in the U.S. mail with taxpayer dollars. And, we are continually being urged to the tables and "tickets" by a talking, giggly woodchuck!

Somebody has got to wise up and stop trying to fund our government with gambling money. Too many legislators, if you will, have already had recent padding to their accounts by the invading energy industry!

To any legislators who may read this and come away with a clear conscience, God bless you! To all others, tough situation!

Ramon Yale