Illegal aliens

EDITOR: The 11 million people who entered the USA from Mexico are not illegal immigrants! They are illegal aliens. Meaning they are citizens of another country and came here without the knowledge or consent of our government.

The President, and our national reporters are using the wrong word to describe and talk about the 11 million people who are scheduled to become new citizens to this country.

What a slap in the face to the millions of American citizens who came legally through the Immigration and Naturalization Service process because they had to enter the USA by ship or airplane. What about citizens from Canada who came across our borders by following the Immigration Service rules? They entered the US legally and began working toward the goal of being a US Citizen which usually takes 7 years.

One lady, a citizen of Canada, was "harassed" for nearly 20 years with nit picking from the Immigration Service and paid over $50,000 in legal services before she achieved the right to be a citizen of our country! Imagine a Canadian citizen going through that! Quite a price to pay for wanting citizenship in our country.

The 1986 free pass plan given to 3 million illegal aliens into the U.S. had a second part which was to secure the U.S.-Mexican border so we didn't have the illegal influx from Mexico. That building of a wall, fence or whatever never materalized.

Instead of waving the magic wand of instant citizenship, make the condition of having the wall, fence or whatever built first and then during the years it takes to build the barrier between the two countries have the 11 million sign up at the Immigration & Naturalization Service and do what is required of all other legal immigrants. They could even have a job building the barrier to help them support themselves while studying to become a citizen!

What a novel idea!

Norma J. Maryott