Who wants to be a millionaire?

EDITOR: As a New York resident I received a roto call that fracturing is safe, never mentioning what kind of fracturing. For instance when I fell out of my high chair back in the days they didn't have x-ray I must have fractured my head because I then knew the difference between da-da and goo-goo. The term fracturing also applies when you are discussing the value of the dollar. A government press churning out dollars leads to a watered down bushel basket full of paper for which you can buy a dead fish left in the sun on a hot summer's day. So that scheme has a smell to it. Aside from this. I just might vote for our incumbent president, distasteful as it would be, because he's an expert on fracturing. For instance his policy on gas - it fractures my pocketbook. A dollar of gas takes my car around the corner. In forewarning don't wave a buck in front of a gas attendant - he'll kick you off the lot. One buck is worth but a burp at the pump. It might buy a free windshield wipe. Anyway, getting back to fracturing of shale, this is a bad thing because it makes millionaires and who wants to be a millionaire - we're into class warfare nowadays, although in my case, if you poor people need a millionaire to pelt because of his 'gelt,' I might tolerate such as a minor inconvenience. Words such as fracture where uttered take on new meaning. Out in California when you mention fracturing people run like hell. Another cousin-word to fracture is the word factor, a ritzy term, people to believe you owned the bank, suggesting you're somebody, anyway not a nobody. As to this opposite word nobody, it really describes what happens to a man the day he gets married. Half the world consists of nobodies, made so because the other half, the somebodies, feel obligated to keep up appearances by maxing out charge account cards. All this proves nothing except to pose the question which hole is deeper, the credit card one or that of the drillers for gas? Or is it the depth of American impoverishment, especially at the end of the next four years, we to continue the brilliant, the magnificent race toward poverty which we sporting bloods wish to perpetuate. Oh yes. My dentist is for drilling He can't lose. Had I my choice, times past included, to select a candidate, in that choice who would I vote for? Of course, the Marquis de laTroilus de Mesgouat Roche. Conceptually he thought big. His heart went out to unemployed people kept in jails. For them he secured employment by conning France's Henry IV into colonizing New France. Given title of lieutenant general, in 1598 he set sail in a scarcely seaworthy boat with 40 convicts which he dropped off on Sable Island, Nova Scotia forgetting them for five years, their numbers down to 12, nobody trusting nobody. Or were cannibals the unintended consequence? Who cares. I admire him because he - on this continent - was the very first damn fool, looney tune know-it-all, not the second, but the first, just as I admire Eugene V. Debbs who during WWI ran for president as a Democrat- Socialist, and wound up in jail. Prison is like socialism, you get three squares and a place of residence. "Smiley" Debbs was the first Socialist, not the second conning the public with this unworkable philosophy. If we stay on course of this failed anti-capitalistic preachment I'll bet my suspenders to your horse in the barn, by your vote in support we shall become a footnote in history. What have you learned from this diatribe? Of course, nothing. Who cares.

Ray Ward

Waverly, N.Y.