EDITOR: I am very disappointed in BCRAC's recent decision to show a free film without identifying sponsorship at the Keystone and Rialto theaters. All advertisements that I have seen throughout town appear to suggest that the theater is sponsoring this movie. No posters have any other sponsors - nor is there a disclaimer on the publicity. How could BCRAC have let this happen? All publicity should have clearly identified who was sponsoring this propaganda. The public is left to assume that the theater and BCRAC's Board of Directors are sponsoring the movies.

BCRAC seemed so much more concerned with their reputation when the film "Gasland" was shown. For that sponsorship disclaimers were required in all advertisements. I also remember when the board refused to allow the award winning play The Vagina Monologues to be held at the theater - even though it's goal was to raise funds for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault and abuse. That was considered too controversial. It is really a shame that BCRAC chose to look the other way and allowed the theaters to be used in this highly charged political way right before a presidential election. How can this even be legal?

Barbara Coyle