National School Bus Safety Week is Oct. 22 through 26.

EDITOR: On Oct. 23, 2003 our lives were forever changed when a woman did not stop for the flashing red lights of a big yellow school bus.

She did not stop and hit my son, David Alvoid, as he and 11 other kids were crossing the road to get on the school bus on Route 220 in Towanda.

This is National School Bus Safety Week and I wanted to inform and educate parents and children. Parents, if possible always be with your child at the bus stop. If that's not possible, please instill in them that just because the bus stops it doesn't mean they are safe. Look both ways multiple times before crossing the road to get on or off the school bus

My son was robbed of his chance to have a normal life by a reckless person. Don't let this happen to your child.

Jodi Miller and the family of David Alvoid