Too bad

EDITOR: I find it very interesting that Northeast has the best ranking among Bradford County schools. First off, I commend them for a great job!

Secondly, I have to ask myself how they could possibly achieve this without a multi million dollar sports stadium?

I thought we, the tax paying residents of Athens and Towanda districts were told we needed our multi-million dollar stadiums for the better of our kids, yet it is now proven, years after words, that those stadiums did nothing for our kids academically? How can that be?

Maybe if we spend a few more million on our sport facilities, we will rank higher.

Does anyone else remember the article where Don Butler was quoted as saying "consolidating schools will not raise taxes" … does anyone remember the last year Towanda didn't raise taxes?

I also remember that Roger Madigan got $1 million for Towanda's field, thus it is called Bradford county memorial stadium….or something like that…..always wondered why he didn't get a million for all the other school districts in his area?

I guess the important thing is, he helped get the stadium, too bad it didn't help the kids with school ...and that learning thing.

Boyd Rowe