Common sense

EDITOR: I have followed politics for many years- both on CNN and C-Span on television and on radio as well as what I read in magazines and the newspapers. I have watched countless hours of proceedings of the House of Representatives on C-Span and countless hours of U.S. Senate proceedings on C-Span2. So when it comes to presidential politics, I really "ramp up" my attention. I try to be as well informed as possible before I go into the voting booth in November.

Let's look at a few facts. First, one of the first words out of the mouth of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky was that the Republicans were going to make sure that President Barack Obama was a one-term president. If you look at the voting records of this Congress, the votes on the vast majority of their bills have been strictly along party lines. Obviously, this Congress is not concerned at all about the welfare of the American people, but is instead focused on this nation becoming a one-party system where only the rich are allowed to exist.

Second, we have a GOP candidate and his running mate who are strictly anti-union. While it is true that unions have pretty done themselves in, they do have their place in our society, and we need them in places where we have a " Mitt Romney" type who enjoys firing people. Not my words, but Mitt Romney's.

Thirdly, Romney and Ryan accuse our president of not passing a budget. Congress is to blame for this one as they have voted purely along party lines.

Fourth, Romney and Ryan say Obama is soft on foreign policy and trade. Yet Obama has gone after China for not allowing a level playing field.

Fifth, Romney-Ryan say Obama is weak on defense. Yet the president can rightfully claim the downfall of Osama Bin Laden on his watch - something George W. Bush could not do in nearly eight years, even though he engaged us in not on but two terrible wars without paying for them. By the way, it is mainly because of these two wars that our national debt skyrocketed. That, along with George W. Bush's tax cuts which made it impossible to pay for these wars. We have a president now who has ended one of these wars, and is drawing down on the other. Romney wants to put us back in Iraq and continue the one in Afghanistan.

Sixth, Romney-Ryan have downed Obama for not going after Libya for assassinating our ambassador and three others. But, although I'm sorry that these four people were killed, what makes them any better than Oliver Brown or any of the other approximately 6000 young men and women who have given their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Seventh, and not least, is that Romney and Ryan want to do away with Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid-- and according to Romney, the 47 percent of the country who collect any of these funds, including myself, are leeches and moochers on government handouts. Never mind the fact that we have paid into these programs all of our working lives. These programs could be solvent for the next 100 years or more if all politicians would leave their hands off these trust funds instead of using them for everything except what they were intended for. Both parties are guilty of this.

Eighth, and finally, what is Romney hiding? He says he is paying his share of taxes, but refuses to make public more than two years of returns while at the same time demanding that his running mate release 10 years worth.

So I ask you, how can anyone, especially one who works for a living and has an ounce of common sense, vote for this Republican ticket for president?

Howard L. Sinsabaugh

Waverly, N.Y.