Support for Martin

EDITOR: As Owego Village Clerk/Treasurer, I worked hard over my nearly 18 years in the position to do the right thing with every decision I made. Some of those decisions were tough. Some were easier.

I'm asking all Tioga County voters to join me in one very important decision that we all face: Who will we elect as our next district attorney?

For me, this decision is easy. I'm voting for Kirk Martin, and I hope you will, too. You'll be in good company supporting Kirk. He's been endorsed by Sheriff Gary Howard, County Legislator Martha Sauerbrey, the Tioga County Law Enforcement Association, and countless other local officials. We've all seen Kirk in action and know he's the right man for the job.

Kirk served as an Owego Village Trustee and then as Village Attorney while I served as Clerk/Treasurer. In both positions, he displayed a strong commitment to getting things done in the interests of the people. He didn't let politics get in the way of doing the right thing to maintain tax levels, stabilize budgets, and protect residents' interests.

Those are just a few of the reasons that I was honored to serve as Kirk's campaign treasurer when he decided to run for district attorney earlier this year.

Looking back, the thing that immediately stood out about Kirk is that he stands up for common people. It doesn't matter if you're rich or poor, young or old, man or woman; he'll do the right thing (unfortunately, I don't think that's true about a lot of people that run for public office these days).

Kirk displays a deep interest in the concerns of everyone he meets. From helping out with flood recovery in 2006 and 2011 to saving the lives of eight people on Waneta Lake years ago, he's been there to help our community and fellow man time and time again.

I also admire Kirk's character, work ethic and deep sense of integrity. There were numerous times when he sat right beside me for hours to do whatever it took for us to get the job done. We always had great conversations during those times. And I can tell you he's so smart and so strong in his convictions - he's never afraid to make a well thought-out decision, whether people are in agreement with him or not.

I see Kirk as a dear friend that I feel will help solve the problems we have. The bottom line is that he'll show people a commitment that they have never seen before.

Kirk Martin certainly has the right experience: He's practiced criminal law for 14 years (six as an assistant district attorney) and has served in every court in every town in Tioga County, as well as in several surrounding counties.

Please remember to get out to vote in the election on Nov. 5, and when you do, please vote for Kirk Martin.

Lynne Mieczkowski

Owego Village Clerk/Treasurer (retired)

Owego, NY