Support for Ken Whipp

EDITOR: During this past year Wysox Township has done many things to improve the township's infrastructure. A new tractor and mower were purchased to replace the worn out units. Several roads were resurfaced by either paving or tar and chipping (i.e. East Street, Lundy Road, Glen Road, and part of Hillside Drive).

Ken (Whipp) was one of the first people to notice the potential danger to the public along Claverack Road where erosion is causing the bank to fall into the creek. He rapidly responded by having this section of the road limited to one lane traffic and the appropriate signs erected. Ken also supported having guard rails installed along several danger spots of the township roads. The Hillside Drive sewer line extension has been started and monthly recycling and a township "clean-up day" implemented. Ken Whipp has been instrumental in supporting all of these projects.

Ken responded to these projects in a timely fashion, especially the situation on Claverack Road. At other times he has exhibited due caution when he felt it was needed, i.e. delaying the vote on the proposed new zoning ordinance to allow better understanding of the changes made in the 325-plus page document. Ken is currently trying to work with the Wysox Planning Commission in an attempt to revise the township Comprehensive Plan which was drawn up in 1987. There have been many changes since that time and the township is rapidly growing. If elected to a full term, Ken would like to continue replacing worn out equipment and working on the Comprehensive Plan and any needed revisions to the zoning ordinance.

Ken is a "square shooter" and is willing to listen to any problems one might bring up to him. It is his belief that everyone should receive a "fair deal" and be dealt with honestly and openly. Ken believes the township's money should be used in a responsible manner where the most good will be experienced by the maximum number of township residents.

It is because of his record that I believe Ken deserves a full term as a Wysox Township supervisor. Please come out and vote on Nov. 5 and hopefully you agree with me regarding Ken.

Bob Northrop

Wysox Twp.