Sooner than you think

EDITOR: In the process of doing research on the topic of drive-in movie theatres, I came upon "C.J. Marshall: Significa: A fading piece of Americana."

The first line read "A major piece of Americana will be gone within a few years."

Twice each month I research and present a topic (which I believe will be of interest) to a small group of residents at our local nursing home. (I'm a volunteer.)

I'm just emailing to let you know that from what I've read, the mandatory conversion dictated by the film industry/Hollywood from 35 mm to digital is to take place this year - 2013.

The cost of conversion has been quoted as a minimum of $50,000 per screen, which is beyond the means of seasonally operated drive-ins and small town theatres.

I planned to present the topic of drive-in movies which they may have "experienced" in the past. Little did I know that these and small town theatres are at risk of extinction.

Eileen Z. Fitzsimons

Dodgeville, Wis.