Vote for what's right

EDITOR: The other day I read about a woman who was a 100 years old and she said she's voted democratic all her life. Now, there is a person who is really in a rut. I find it commendable if a person can be so committed to do something for so long as long as your man stays relevant. But political parties have a way of making a 180 degree turns without your approval. Political gambits are always in the mixture to keep their constituents off balance. So for her to be that dedicated to one party for so long she would have had to be blind sighted or naive enough to believe what she was fed.

I suggest that you people who follow this woman's venue should stop, look around, think a whole lot. What you vote for is what you are. Is abortion on your agenda? Is marriage as we knew it here to stay? Do you like to hunt and keep your guns? How would you like to have to pray to an unknown god half a dozen times a day and if you refuse and don't, it could be your last time a day on earth. Would you like being under Sharia Law? Vote wrong way and you sign Israel's death knell.

I am from the old school and reaching 80 years old. I do not hesitate to put plenty of blame on my generation of who many are now gone, but those of you who can still stand and vote I would suggest you do not follow tradition but vote for what's right. There are enough of us old folks to rid us of this upstart because there were enough of you who made the difference and put President Obama in there. Is your hearing aid turned on? You and I may not be around to put up with who wins but your kids will be.

Vincent Calaman