Demise of the local Postal Service

EDITOR: It is very sad to see the Local Postal System being torn asunder while the 'Top Dogs' will get pats on the back for saving money and ,of course, saving their own jobs. We are now being told that the 'powers that be' are pulling the rural mail carriers out of Ulster and transferring them to Towanda. This will add nominally 16+ miles per day for each carrier. When one multiplies these miles times 6 days per week and 52 days per year, that is adding on alot of extra miles. I do not know the mileage rates they are paid, but I would be willing to bet that the end result will be an additional 6-7 thousand dollars. Hence, one has to wonder how much money is being saved by making The Ulster Post Office merely a 'stamp store'.

So repeating, the really sad part is that the so-called Postal Managers (PM) are doing this to reduce the services being supplied by the Ulster Post Office. One thing for sure is, these PM's will be driving more people to pay more bills and do more communicating online !

The Ulsterites must remember that they have the opportunity to tell the 'powers that be' what 'reduced hours' they would prefer to see their 'service window' open. The meeting is Wednesday, Jan. 9, at 6 p.m. at the Ulster-Sheshequin Fire Hall.

Ramon Yale


Another kind of neglect?

EDITOR: You may consider this memo my first suggestion this year to our community.

That is, if we fail to send our boys and girls to school, to arrange their inoculations, leave them unsupervised, etc. Most of us would agree such is neglect of our parental duties.

Why then, if we do not provide them with serious self defense training, is this not also neglect?

The world can be a very dangerous place.

Charles Cornwell Jr.