What's he trying to hide?

EDITOR: In the July 10, 2012 editorial column, The Daily Review opined that House Republicans, by holding Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress for not supplying subpoenaed documents, were politically motivated. Instead of automatically siding with anti-second amendment Democrats, one has to wonder why the editor is not asking tough questions about why the "Fast and Furious" operation happened. What do you suppose the Attorney General is trying to hide? If he were guilt-free, don't you think he'd provide those documents? Or do you suppose that those documents might incriminate Mr. Holder of overseeing an illegal attempt to besmear the gun industry and provide ammunition (pun intended) for more onerous gun laws? Gun laws that, I might add, would not affect the drug cartels in Mexico, since the overwhelming evidence points to the fact that most of their illegal arms (such as fully automatic rifles and grenade launchers, already illegal for the average U.S. citizen to own) were obtained from countries such as Russia. The editor really needs to put personal political prejudices aside and check the facts before blaming Mexico's problems on the U.S. Also, Mr. Holder is not above the law and should be held accountable for his actions.

Jerry D. Frantz

Columbia Cross Roads

Apply for help, if needed

EDITOR: I have read with interest Mr. David Falchek's article dated July entitled "Natural Gas Drilling Impacting Affordable Housing."

I regret to inform Dear Reader at this time that Mr. Falchek's (mis)statement that "Before the natural gas exploration boom, homelessness was unimaginable in rural Pennsylvania..." is erroneous. May I please refer you to the statement by Katey Raymond in a article entitled "Table In The Wilderness Opens In Canton" in the Oct. 8, 2009 edition of The Canton Independent-Sentinel: "...Homeless are not just in major cities … there are 800 homeless people living between here and Wellsboro, and many of them are young." - Katey Raymond, Table In The Wilderness

At this time I encourage ALL Bradford Countians who are experiencing a lack of affordable housing to immediately seek help through the Bradford County Housing Authority. Those who are not living in situations considered to be permanent housing should receive priority on any waiting list for housing through the BCHA.

Let me take this opportunity to encourage all Bradford Countians who are experiencing difficulty buying food while paying basic costs for clothing and shelter to immediately apply for food stamps. A shameful 30 percent of all Pennsylvanians who qualify for nutrition assistance through the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture never apply. Please apply today.

And here is a news flash. A non-profit social service that provides temporary housing is not a for-profit boarding house. Bradford County Commissioners, please step forward and use all powers and resources that your good offices can afford to help Grace Connection with its effort to provide temporary housing for those in need.

Timothy J. Mullen