Which side is he on?

EDITOR: Attention Mr. Yaw (a.k.a. Senator Yaw) I wonder how many gas producing units would be operating if the leasing contracts were renegotiated under present conditions with the general public. Are you working for us or against us? Public vs Big Business.

Richard A. Geiger


Taxpayers dollars at work

EDITOR: I would like to commend my friend Boyd Rowe on his Letter to the Editor on Oct. 18, regarding that "little country school," Northeast Bradford High School, and their No. 1 ranking by the PA Department of Education in the School Performance Profile and they accomplished it without a 'multi-million dollar stadium' and a football program .

And just to set the record straight, I do enjoy the local sports programs. Most recently. I took in the Athens/Sayre girls soccer game at Sayre High School. I have watched football games at the Lockhart Street bowl for over 75 years. My aunt and uncle lived on Hopkin Street and I learned from other local urchins where the holes were under the fence for free access.

Now in the August years of my life, though I enjoy watching high school soccer, football, and basketball, I get disturbed when I see the "school community"- Administration and Board of Education - spending excessive amounts of taxpayer dollars on sports programs and neglecting other cultural programs because they "can't' afford them." One day, I trust that some of these "education money manipulators" will come to realize that when they reach their 60s, 70s and 80s, they will still be able to pick up a guitar, violin, woodwind or brass and enjoy a few licks of the music that they enjoyed back in elementary school. And believe me, it does happen! But, they won't be playing football or basketball !

I am close enough to the music industry to know that there is a surprising number of elder citizens who go to "The Shop" to pick up a horn or to take guitar lessons and I know what a difference a teacher or instructor makes. I am very pleased to see the improvement in the AHS stringed instrument program and it has been interesting to watch the growth of the Sayre H.S. Band under Amy Johnston. They must be approaching the numbers of "pieces on the field" that were fielded in the days of Nelson Sickler and Ray Hauver.

Regretfully, the Education Industry, like the Medical Industry has become "Big Business" and the Boards of Education have to pay out "Big Bucks" just to get a one day a week qualified check signer - $500/day. It is inconceivable that there is not another person on the administrative staff ,or perhaps a member of the "Board," who could fill the interim period until the superintendent is able to return ?

One thing is certain, it is very easy for politicians - federal, state and local and school boards to spend taxpayer dollars. It seems quite obvious that the "educated administrators" as well as the "petty politicians" do well to get the "lawmakers" to legislate the need for more taxpayer dollars.

At this point, I have exceeded 450 words and must effect a close. I would like to expound on the "grant systems" that are manipulated by most if not all departments of government. Any grant received by a county or local government costs the taxpayers a lot more dollars than just those received by the grantee. Just "taxpayer dollars at work!"

Ramon Yale


Thanks, folks

EDITOR: On behalf of the Towanda Musical Society, I wish to thank the staff (especially Betsy) of the Daily Review for their help in publicizing our recent Scholarship Benefit Piano program. Thanks to you and the contributions our many other friends of music, we are able to fund our both our scholarship to Towanda High seniors who are planning to major in the field of Music in their future studies and our Senior awards to a Senior boy and girl who have contributed the most to the music program of Towanda High School while a student there.

We are so proud of our past scholarship winners, who are all doing well, and continue to be amazed at the wonderful talent of the young people in our small local communities. We consider it a joy and a privilege to be able to help our deserving Towanda students further their careers in the Music field and contribute to the betterment of our lives.

Marian Feathers, for the Towanda Musical Society