An oxymoron

EDITOR: All my life and all your lives we've been told to respect all religions. Since when did we discover another god. Most all the world's people will tell you there is only one god; (theirs). Add up all these different peoples beliefs and we'll probably come up with a few million gods. If that be the case there would be some awful wars in the universe. Even the universe would not survive such a cataclysmic event.

But if we were to consider the real world we live in we would understand that there is a real battle in the unseen world. We would also than understand too that there is the unseen world. We would also then understand too that there is one real god and a god wanna be. This so called god wanna be is the only entity in creation that has ever tested the only real power of the universe and has lost. So, how many gods are left? You ought to be thankful that the god you live under is the only one, otherwise the human race would be pawns to powers with unknown intentions.

You should be thankful there is only one because history paints a morbid picture of holy wars with no consideration at all for the human person. Human sacrifice, torture and all kinds of immorality for the sake of the golden calf.

For generations we've been told to respect all religions. A religion must have a god behind it to respect it, the last time I looked I didn't notice that the god of the universe has only had to fight Satan to keep his position as supreme ruler since before time began, and that was no contest as Satan's powers are the powers he was given and in time will be taken away.

To say; respect all other religions, you cannot. It is an oxymoron. You cannot respect something that does not exist.

Vincent Calaman


The whole picture

EDITOR: I am writing in reference to the article that was in The Daily Review on Saturday, Jan. 30.

"Board looks at tackling pension fund cost increases." I am sure the pension fund for all school teachers is substantial. Don't know what they expect. The senior citizens didn't get a raise in our Social Security checks this year. What to expect in the future years? I am sure it will be nothing in comparison to what they are looking for. The tax increase of a home assessed at $25,000 would be $132.50 more in school taxes. If there were 3,000 homes that would be $397,500 per year. Plus a lot of them are assessed at more than this. Did you ever try to live on a little over $1,000 a month? Lights, water, fuel oil, propane, upkeep of car, gasoline, food, insurances, doctor visits and most of all medications. It doesn't leave much and sometimes nothing.

Is the school getting funds from gas leases and sales of property? This is what happens when people can't pay their taxes and have to move out of their homes and go on welfare. Don't only look at the future of the school pensions but of citizens on a limited income.

Please think about this and try to save in other areas so we don't have to suffer through this tax increase. This letter probably won't affect your thinking but thank you for listening and hope you consider my points of interest.

Joan Vanderpool