EDITOR: This phrase can be triggered as follows: Driving on the interstate highways at seventy-four miles per hour, which most of do, even though it's posted for seventy, we occasionally come to a small bridge. This is raised up a bit and sometimes the roadway has settled into a dip at the far end. The following forces come into play.

First a body in motion goes in a straight line unless other forces affects it. Gravity pulls our car down into the dip and almost instantly the following occurs. Tires absorb a small part of this pressure. Springs and shocks ease most of it. Even the padding of our car seat can help some. The remaining force is ours to absorb.

At higher speed a "Whop-De-Do" can turn into a "Oh My Gosh".

In closing, we should remember to always wear the seat belts and avoid excessive speed. Don't ever let a "Whoop-De-Do" turn into a "Oh My God."

George H. Smith


Vote is important!

EDITOR: I sometimes hear people say that certain years are off year elections, I believe there is no such thing. This year is one of those election cycles that do not have what many people see as "important" offices up for grabs. Well I submit that nothing could be further from the truth. We have supervisors and school board openings to fill. If you believe these offices are not important, than think again.

Also we have some judicial seats to fill. Two of these are retention votes, which means do we want to retain them or have a run-off election later. (Think Ex-Judge John Mott). The other Judge is for State Superior Court. These affect many areas of your everyday life. That most people do not understand or even think about. It's the responsibility of these Judges to apply the laws as written, not how they wish it was written. Therefore it is important to elect good judges at all levels.

I urge all registered voters to be informed about the candidates and get out and vote on Tuesday, Nov. 5.

Betty Harris


'Vote Vic'

EDITOR: This coming Nov. 5, we have an opportunity to elect a judge to the State Superior Court who is not from Pittsburgh or Philadelphia. Six of the Judges on the bench are from Pittsburgh, not sure where number seven is from. We are in a position to elect the eighth and final member of this court. I am not suggesting that the most important consideration in this race is where someone is from, but we live in a large and diverse state. I believe we should have a balance, as people who live in cities think and perceive things differently than their more rural cousins. Therefore I believe six of eight Judges on the Superior Court from one area is more than enough.

The candidate for this court, whom I support is Vic Stabile. I have known Vic for several years and I believe him to be a fair and moral man. Vic believes that the job and responsibility of our judges is to apply the laws to everyone equally. Vic has consistently stressed that had he wanted to make or rewrite laws he would have run for the legislature.

Vic has been an attorney for many years and has handled many various type of cases and therefore has a wide base of understanding of our law. Vic also believes justice is blind, in that no matter your religious or political beliefs or background, race, or gender the law is to be applied equally to everyone.

I am supporting Vic Stabile for Superior Court and encourage all our voters to do likewise.

Richard Harris