A vote for Bill Them

EDITOR: After attending my first Wysox Township meeting, my opinion has been reinforced to cast my vote for Bill Them.

Bill was attempting to ask the supervisors informed questions to ascertain information for those of us in the audience. However, Bill was continuously interrupted by Bob Northrop, Ken Whipp's campaign manager. Mr. Northrop's comments were completely inappropriate!

Unfortunately, throughout the meeting, various questions were asked, but few answers were provided. Also, the supervisor in question was not present.

My personal observation, pertaining to our Wysox supervisors, is that there was only ONE supervisor present who is trying to work for the good of our Wysox citizens.

Let us all hope that there will be more oversight of our tax dollars in the future than has been in the past.

Please vote for Bill Them on Nov. 5, 2013, and then Wysox will have two supervisors working for our taxpayers!

Cherie Baker


Wysox Township voters

EDITOR: I am a third generation and lifelong resident of Wysox Township.

I am appalled at the situation we now have unfolding in the township. The Road Master has resigned after allegations of misconduct were filed with the Pennsylvania Ethics Commission. This marks the first time an ethics complaint has been filed with the Pennsylvania Ethics commission against a Wysox Township Supervisor. When the initial charge of double billing of the township was unveiled months ago, the Road Master, who is also a supervisor, should have been fired. I have never seen an employee who steals from their employer keep their job and not have charges filed against them.

I just attended the Wysox Township special meeting and learned that even though there were charges at the district attorney's office, the road master was not fired, suspended, or even put on probation. The reason that didn't happen is that it would require a two-thirds majority vote from the supervisors. With one supervisor being the road master and the other his crony, it left supervisor Kulick in a position that would not even allow the issue to progress past the discussion stage. I am tired of it. It is time for a positive change in Wysox Township.

I also would like to publicly report that Ken Whipp was anything but supportive of our recent Wysox Township clean-up day contrary to a recent letter to the editor. It was primarily organized by me and two students from Wyalusing. The only comment I received from Mr. Whipp was negative and that he was disappointed that we brought too much junk that wasn't needed. Mr. Whipp should know it is a day for the township residents to bring their junk. He should be listening to what the town is saying because that comment is negative and hurtful toward those of us who worked so hard to make the cleanup day a success.

Supervisor Kulick has publicly endorsed and is supporting Bill Them for Wysox Township Supervisor in the upcoming election on Nov. 5. I am also publicly endorsing and supporting Bill Them for Wysox Township Supervisor.

I do not like to publicly announce my frustrations, but this is out of control and needs to be fixed. Please join me and help bring the transparency and change that is so badly needed in Wysox Township by voting for Bill Them.

Evan Barnes

Wysox Township Resident and Concerned Citizen

Support for Kirk Martin

EDITOR: I am writing to voice my support of Kirk Martin for Tioga County District Attorney.

I support him because I think he is the best candidate for the job.

When I served as foreman on a Grand Jury a few years ago over a period of 3½ days, it really opened my eyes. I saw the dark side of our local society that we need to be protected from - the element that most of us never come in contact with or think about. After hearing victims, young and old, testify, I went home at night and hugged my wife and young children, thankful that they were safe. I saw first-hand how important the District Attorney is. During my experience on the Grand Jury, Kirk was an Assistant DA, and he exhibited a strong command of the courtroom. He was confident, prepared, and thorough in his depositions. He showed a high level of professionalism, respected everyone involved in the process, and got results.

Now, he's running for the top job, and I think that Kirk is the one most prepared to get the job done right.

He will attack the insidious illegal drug problem that's been growing in our community, and he will go after the crooks and scammers that take advantage of our senior citizens. And I know he believes in our Constitutional Rights, just as every good leader should. Across the nation, we've seen too many bad things happening in politics. There have been way too many reports of corruption and bad behavior. We do not need more lawyers who plead cases down. I want to see justice served in every case and that dangerous criminals are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law; not let off with a slap on the wrist.

The District Attorney needs to have a strong working relationship with law enforcement, for our benefit as citizens and residents, and Kirk has the solid support of Tioga County's law enforcement community.

Kirk was elected a Owego Village Trustee and focused on stabilizing taxes. You don't serve as a Village Trustee for the fame or money, you do it to because you want to help your community.

Kirk has openly admitted to and taken responsibility for his previous mistakes with drinking and driving, and he has satisfied me that he has changed his life to insure that it will never happen again. Otherwise I would not vote for him.

He has run a clean and positive campaign through the primary and now in the general election. He has taken the time and made the effort to meet as many residents as he can to talk face-to-face. He has not resorted to dirty tricks, cheap shots, or mudslinging.

Kirk is smart and tenacious. He would be a tough, fair, and effective District Attorney.

Stephen Lounsberry

Nichols, NY