Kirk is the man for the job

EDITOR: As the President of the Tioga County Law Enforcement Association, I feel it necessary to correct Democrat District Attorney Candidate Fred Luther's blatantly untruthful description of our organization in a recent edition of another local newspaper, as "a corporation that Mr. Martin and Mr. Howard formed less than a Week after Mr. Martin announced his candidacy." This is patently false.

The Tioga County Law Enforcement Association is a collective bargaining unit made up of Tioga County Deputies, Investigators and law enforcement personnel. We have existed as an entity since the early 1970's, even though we have changed names and recently re-incorporated.

In our opinion Kirk is the only candidate who will take our District Attorney's Office to the next level, and We are excited to support him in next week's important election.

No one works more closely with the District Attorney than the Law Enforcement community, as we rely on the D.A.'s Office on a daily basis to help us in our efforts to keep our towns and villages safe from criminal activity. The District Attorney's competency, commitment, fortitude, judgment and leadership are crucial to us if we are to keep crime in check, and our communities safe.

Tioga County needs a strong District Attorney with these qualities.

Kirk's record as an Assistant District Attorney, in private practice and as a community leader has exemplified the character

We need. No one else has the intellect and passion that he brings to the table.

We are confident that Kirk is the right man for the job and look forward to Working with him as Tioga County's next District Attorney!

Shawn Kemmery

President, Tioga County Law Enforcement Association

What's really scary

EDITOR: I am not scared of all the witches, zombies, and assorted goblins wandering about on Halloween. What really scares me is the meat industry.

I have references states this is the industry that:

- Mutilates, cages, and butchers billions of cows, pigs and other sentient animals

- Feeds carcasses of cats and dogs killed in pounds to chickens

- Exposes undocumented workers to chronic workplace injuries at slave wages

- Exploits farmers and ranchers by dictating wholesale market prices

- Punishes documentation of its abuses through unconstitutional "ag-gag" laws Promotes world hunger by feeding nutritious corn and soybeans to animals

- Generates more greenhouse gases than any other human activity

- Generates more water pollution than any other human activity

- Creates a permanent "dead zone" in the Gulf of Mexico that dwarfs the BP oil spill

- Creates deadly antibiotic-resistant pathogens by feeding antibiotics to animals

- Creates epidemics of Salmonella, Listeria, and other infectious diseases

- Promotes mortality from diabetes, heart failure, stroke, cancer, and other diseases

Now, that's really scary. And this is why I am dropping animal products from my menu.

Samuel Muncy


A look at the Sayre ballot

EDITOR: Election time is near. Seven candidates are in the race for three positions on the Sayre Borough Council. Ordinarily, there would be little notice of such a race; however, these are not ordinary times.

Since the last election, the Council has been dominated by a group of five members who vote together with little or no discussion or dissent on agenda items presented during Council meetings. Mr. Osmun and Ms. Sabatura are the other two members. They often actually question items on the agenda, offer suggestions, and make recommendations. Whenever the vote is not unanimous, the vote will be 5 to 2. Any dissent is futile.

Gene Osmun does an admirable job in the face of such insurmountable odds. He is a worthy member of the Council who deserves one of your votes. Mr. Daly, also an incumbent, is one of the five who vote together on every issue. He previously resigned from the Council, but was brought back in January to fill the vacancy created when Mr. Hickey resigned. In my opinion, the Council chose someone who could be counted on to keep the 5 to 2 vote intact, especially during the impending explosive zoning controversy.

Five other candidates are also on the ballot. Three of those candidates have worked tirelessly to stay current on the issues facing Sayre Borough. They rarely miss Council or Planning Commission meetings. They have attended Bradford County Planning Commission meetings. They question, make comments, and pose recommendations at those meetings. Unfortunately, the Council rarely takes note of their actions. Nevertheless, they remain undaunted in their desire to serve all the people of Sayre Borough. These three candidates are BARB AULT, JAN SCOTT, and SUE WHITE-ALVINO.

There are two other candidates on the ballot for the Council positions. Their names are widely known. As far as I know, neither one of them has attended a Sayre Borough meeting of any kind. How can they be informed enough to make decisions affecting the Borough and you?

Have you looked at what has been happening in downtown Sayre in the past few years? Sayre has so much more to offer. Why can't it be vibrant like Wellsboro, Lewisburg, or Owego? Isn't it time to unlock the block voting so that progress and preservation can proceed together? Use your votes to elect candidates who have demonstrated their interest in our local government, who are knowledgeable about the issues, who encourage citizen input, and who care about you, rather than business as usual.

Janice Gardner