Trust needs to be earned

EDITOR: In just the past few days the President has been pointing out how much trust needs to be a big factor in who we elect on Nov. 6. I could not agree more; strangely this is one of the only times I recall agreeing with him. The President has been hammering this point home at every campaign stop for nearly a week. Does he not understand that trust is built by telling the truth, even if it is not very flattering! We lost four Americans in the attack in Libya; the President spent nearly two weeks blaming an out of control protest over an amateur video that had been around for months. A lot of us didn't buy his version from the start, many suspected something more sinister and the more we find out the worse it seems to get. The recent release of emails makes it clear that this President, State Department and many others had a clear view of the attack as it happened, live via a drone feeding satellite directly to the White House. What is amazingly horrific is the President did not even call for help, when we had it only an hour away. Whether that help could have saved anyone or not we shall never know. But we do know the President knew this was a terrorist attack within an hour of the start, and that there was no prior protest. One would have to wonder why the President or someone in his administration would invent such a cover up story.

So far nobody is asking why the ambassador was even there. We have no embassy in Benghazi. Maybe this President can save his job by telling the truth, after all he did promise to be the most transparent president ever. I for one will not hold my breath and count on it, the trust factor is not that good. Trust needs to be earned! That's just one of many reasons I will vote for Mitt Romney on Nov. 6. America deserves real leadership for a change.

Dick Harris


Great care at Memorial Hospital

EDITOR: Recently, I was a patient at Memorial Hospital. Quite sick, scared and in pain. Immediately the nurses set about comforting and getting me settled. Besides making me comfortable, they also comforted the family. No matter what the problem or question, someone was on hand to discuss and answer. The level of compassionate care exceeds some bigger hospitals. It's more like family than being treated like a number. They're highly skilled yet accessible. Several times they put my mind at ease. When my stay had to be extended, they made sure it was not going to be upsetting to me. With a word, a glance or a touch, you're made to feel important.

I just want to say that each and every one of them is special. If you have to be in a hospital, Towanda is top-notch. A special thank-you to all you ladies.

Diane Wright


Supporting Jerry Keene

EDITOR: In two weeks, the voters of Tioga County will decide who will be their County Court Judge for the next 10 years. I am sending this letter to encourage the voters to cast their vote for the only candidate with the experience needed to serve as our judge. That person is Jerry Keene.

Jerry has been a trial lawyer in this county for almost 32 years. As a prosecutor for 27 years, he has prosecuted and convicted hundreds of dangerous criminals in our community. In his private practice, he worked for 19 years helping families and children in Family Court. He also practiced law in Surrogate's Court doing estate work. He was the village attorney in the Village of Waverly, where I served as mayor for many years. He has been our elected District Attorney for the past 13 years, winning four elections to serve in that position and has done a fine job with some very difficult cases.

I know both of the other candidates and although they are nice people, they simply do not have the experience needed to be County Court Judge. Jerry has tried over 50 felony jury trials in Tioga County Court, including eight homicide trials. Finally, Jerry is the only one of the three candidates to be found qualified to serve by the New York State Independent Judicial Qualification Commission. Please join me in supporting Jerry Keene for County Court Judge.

Daniel Leary

Waverly, N.Y.

Support for D.A. Keene

EDITOR: I am writing this letter in support of District Attorney Jerry Keene's campaign to become the next judge of Tioga County. On Oct. 1, 2003, our son, Leo Camp, was shot and killed. Even though it has been nine years since the murder, not a day goes by that we do not think about my son and the senseless killing that occurred that day. The initial shock and disbelief my husband and I felt at the news of our son's death eventually gave way to a desire to obtain justice for our sons' murder. We turned to the police and the district attorney's office to help us deal with our loss and to obtain justice for our son.

D.A. Keene helped us understand the difficult process of prosecuting a murder case. The case was presented to a Grand Jury and after many court appearances, the defendant indicated that he wanted to have a trial where he would attempt to claim that he shot my son in self-defense. Mr. Keene reassured us that things would work out and generally kept us informed of the court proceedings. He showed compassion and patience to us in discussing the evidence that he would present at the trial and explaining the events leading up to the trail. At trial, we watched as he skillfully and professionally prosecuted the case against the defendant and obtained the murder conviction. Because of Jerry Keeney, justice was served and the man who murdered our son will be in prison for at least 30 years.

All of my dealings with Mr. Keene indicated to me that he has the ability, disposition and qualifications to be an excellent judge. He is a fair, humble and compassionate man who has served our county well for many years. Please join us in supporting D.A. Jerry Keene and helping him to become out next Couty Court Judge.

Leo and Debbie Camp and Family

Owego, N.Y.