Vote for Bill Them

EDITOR: We own property, live and pay taxes and love Wysox Township. We also follow our township government and vote. We have never seen our, once proud, township in such disarray!

Ken Whipp was appointed to fulfil the term of William Shoemaker who passed away. We all expected Mr. Whipp to work with chairman Jon Kulick, who we support and believe is doing a good job. We expected that some of the problems that we were experiencing is Wysox would be worked through to get our township going in the right direction again. What we have witnessed is completely the opposite, and in fact has become incredibly worse. We not see Mr. Whipp working against chairman Kulick. Mr. Whipp not only was appointed to help clean this mess up, he was appointed to work with chairman Kulick to put together a plan for a prosperous future for Wysox.

Wysox is under the cloud of ethics investigation, forensic audits and many accusations of corruption of which Mr. Whipp has done nothing about and it seems has helped to cover it up and try to seep it under the carpet! We now have seen our elected Road Master resign and have to pay back $1,300, for what? I am sure if a complete investigation was to be done of the past few years, we would see much, much more corruption. Mr. Whipp was appointed to clean this mess up and instead had made it worse, while working against Chairman Kulick, who has been trying to do what is not only right but legal, and get our township back on track and make Wysox once again a township we can all be proud of.

I urge all the voters of Wysox to look at the facts, and make an educated decision. Giver our Chairman a supervisor who he can work with to get our Township back to being the well run township we have all been proud of over the years. Join us and Chairman Kulick in voting for and electing Bill Them.

Sharon Weed


Washington frustration

EDITOR: As a registered Republican I wish to voice my total frustration with Washington Republicans. Since the election of Barack Obama as our President of the United States the Republican Party has appeared to do nothing but denigrate that office. It is time to work on behalf of all citizens. Revamp infrastructure, create jobs and support the Affordable Care Act. It appears to me that too many people simply can not accept a black man as President. Get over it. He is a leader being blocked by narrow minds. Let our country move forward, not backward. This is a special message for our House of Representatives.

Marty Borko

Waverly, N.Y.

Supporting Kenneth Whipp

EDITOR: I write this letter in support of Kenneth Whipp for Supervisor of Wysox Township. I have known Ken, his wife and family for over 40 years. Ken is a man devoted to the residents of Wysox Township.

Ken has no agenda for himself, only for the Wysox residents and the surrounding Wysox area, an area he truly loves.

He has proven his worth in his term in office. He knows how to utilize the funds of the taxpayers in manner that benefits each individual in our area.

I admire Ken for his resourcefulness in helping the residents, the time he devotes to his job as supervisor in the interest of every taxpayer in Wysox Township.

A vote for Ken is a vote for a secure Wysox Township.

David Rice


Seting the record straight

EDITOR: I am writing to clarify a statement made in Mrs. Janice Gardner's "Look at Sayre Ballot" letter that was in Friday's Daily Review. In her letter Mrs. Gardner States "Mr. Daly, also an incumbent, is one of the five who vote together on every issue. He previously resigned from the council, but was brought back in January to fill the vacancy created when Mr., Hickey resigned."

Mr. Daly ran for council and tied to Miss JoAnn Sabatura in the last election. Mr. Daly lost in the draw and Miss Sabatura was selected. So of course he was our first choice to fill the vacated seat of Mr. William Hickey. He did not resign as stated in Mrs. Gardner's letter.

I have no problem with letters to the editor but they should be factual.

I encourage every voter in Sayre to get out and vote on Nov. 5, Lets keep Sayre a great place to live.

Henry G. Farley

President Sayre Borough Council