EDITOR: I am responding to the letter to the editor that was published recently entitled "worried about the future." I, too, am worried, but for the exact opposite reasons that Ms. Deibler espouses.

To begin, I suspect she is a watcher of Fox news, and I use the term "news" loosely. It doesn't matter whether or not the information is accurate, only that the right-wing bias is disseminated over the air waves.

In her letter Ms. Deibler insinuated that President Obama has added five trillion dollars to the deficit. Let's get our facts straight. When President Clinton left office, there was a surplus of 236 billion dollars. Due to the non-funded Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, Medicare D and tax cuts for the rich, the president was left with a 1.2 trillion dollar deficit.

These are not my statistics, rather the statistics of the bi-partisan Congressional Budget Office. In order to prevent the complete collapse of the economy, President Obama provided stimulus money to banks and to the auto industry, virtually saving that industry.

Furthermore, the economy is recovering. The unemployment rate is below eight percent, housing construction is up and the stock market is rebounding.

In regard to gas prices, I cannot believe that Ms. Deibler doesn't understand the price of gas is speculation and no president can control the rise or fall of gas at the pump.

In regard to the middle class: President Obama has, actually, cut taxes, not raised them by $4,300 as Ms. Deibler suggests.

Romney is now pandering to the country claiming that he is for the 100 percent. However, in a tape that was released by Mother Jones Magazine, Romney was quoted as saying that he doesn't care about the 47 percent of the people who don't pay taxes and, this 47 percent does not want to take responsibility for their lives."

Furthermore, Paul Ryan, who was selected by Romney as his running mate, is even less interested in helping the poor and the middle class as depicted in his budget that Romney said was marvelous, possibly because the budget included more tax cuts for the rich.

Regarding health care: President Obama has signed into law a comprehensive health care plan that will benefit all Americans, including you Ms. Deibler.

Mitt Romney has stated that one day one of my presidency I will repeal Obamacare even though he initiated that plan when he was governor of Massachusetts.

As to Social Security and Medicare, I wonder if Ms. Deibler is aware of the fact that the Republican Agenda includes the privatizing of those programs that are and have been a safety net for the majority of Americans. Can anyone imagine an elderly person negotiating for health insurance under a voucher system? Paul Ryan has said that for those individuals who are unable to work that neighbors or churches could assist them.

The issue that is most troubling to me is that we have two Republican candidates who are almost devoid of foreign policy experience.

Mitt Romney's only foreign experience is as a Morman missionary in Paris, France, during the Vietnam War. He now declares that he agrees with the president on practically every foreign policy issue. The fact is that Romney has changed his status on so many issues that no one knows where he stands on any issue. I believe that this speaks to his character. While many may not approve of all the president's policies, the fact remains that he is consistent and can be trusted.

Mitt Romney has been characterized by Ms. Deibler as an energetic, compassionate, experienced person who loves his country, the implication being that President Obama doesn't love his country.

Although I could add much more, I wish to conclude that no president has been shown as much disrespect as this president. In my opinion, President Obama has distinguished himself as a person who really does care for the 100 percent of Americans, not just the elite class of which Mitt Romney is a member. He is widely admired by foreign countries for his leadership and his ability to put together coalitions to solve global problems. Lest we forget: He was responsible for the death of Bin Laden and many of his operatives. Unlike George Bush, on whose watch the collapse of the Twin Towers occurred, President Obama has kept America safe for four years. In light of that, alone, he deserves a second term.

Phyllis Felt


Wanting a faithful leader

EDITOR: "Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country." I first took these words to heart when I was an 8-year-old girl attending parochial school across the street from our family's Victorian home in my own Mayberry - Towanda, Pa. Life was good and fun and happy-kick the can, jumping rope, playing catch in the street. In 1962 the Cuban crisis changed our little lives. There was fear in the air, and we processed it as only little ones do - our imaginations running wild. A comforting memory for me in my sheltered life was kneeling with my family as my playful, fun and affectionate father led us in the praying of the rosary. The crisis passed and we could be kids again.

Shortly after though in 1963, tragedy came knocking again. Three great men named John died - our country's President John F. Kennedy who uttered the above resounding words, our spiritual leader Pope John XXIII, and my dear, loving father John Calaman who prayed and played with us, our small hearts were broken. Our lives changed.

As an adult, I want a faithful man to lead our country-a man who prays for God's wisdom each evening. I want our nation to be under God once again. I believe that Governor Mitt Romney and Representative Paul Ryan have the experience, character, and work ethic to help this country get back up on its feet economically and spiritually. The little child in me still wants to be protected. I want them there for me in a crisis.

Patti Calaman Meredith

Harrisburg, PA

Many concerns

EDITOR: Election day grows closer. What do we know?

The United States is no longer the leader in certain desirable areas and is the leader in undesirable ones.

How is our public education system?

We have the most expensive public education system in the world, but rate 17th in English skills and 59th in advanced math skills when compared to other industrialized nations.

Private schools far out pace basic skills when compared to public schools based on test results.

How is our health?

One out of every three children is overweight. Diabetes has reached epidemic proportions. One of every six adults is either diabetic, pre-diabetic or has metabolic disorder.

How is our health care "system" ?

We have the most expensive health care system in world, but it does not rate in the top 15 for the quality of the care provided. (The exact determination of rating is difficult to place due to manipulation of error reports by health care systems and current rating standards)

Nosocomial infections, those that develop after a patient is admitted to a hospital, are spreading like wildfire across the U.S. Laws enacted to make the rate and types of infections have been relaxed due to pressure by the health care industry lobbyists so that only those in certain areas of hospitals such as ICU and respiratory care are made public.

Currently the place a patient is most likely to acquire an infection is in our hospitals and our doctor's offices. The number one cause of these infections are stated by Centers for Disease Control? Lack of proper hand washing in between patient contact. What a disgrace!

What about Pennsylvania? What is going on? According to a state insider the current administration along with the former has allegedly been taking monies from lottery sales and tobacco taxes designated for certain areas such as providing services for the elderly and healthcare and using these monies to pay down the state debt in order to make it more palatable to the public.

Questions sent to certain un-named elected officials have gone unanswered.

Voters have numerous areas of concern and very few choices to make.

Robert J. Boinske


Send Obama back to Chicago

EDITOR: This morning, Nov. 1, 2012 a headline in a local newspaper suggested that President Obama's handling of the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy provides him with an "opportunity to show leadership". The writer must have myopic vision, Obama has had a continuing opportunity over the past four years to show leadership, and has failed! True leadership must be measured by the direction in which one leads. For four years President

Obama has lead our nation down the twin paths of fiscal bankruptcy and moral bankruptcy. We are so far in debt that when my great grandchildren are adults they will still be buried in that debt. As to the moral bankruptcy, Obama by his indisputable actions as president is the biggest promoter of baby-killing we have ever had in the White House. Instead of leading us to higher moral ground he has lead us into an era which can only be described as the slaughter of the innocents!

Hopefully we will vote on Tuesday to send Obama back to Chicago.

Robert J. Landy