Something has to be done about the traffic

EDITOR: Once again traffic is increasing on the roadways in the Towanda-Wysox area. I was hoping that some of the recommendations of the $195,000 traffic study would be put into effect soon.

So I was somewhat dismayed by the story in a recent edition of The Daily Review stating that none of the recommendations are going forward, and that improvements won't be made until after hearings in the year 2014.

Something has got to be done sooner than years from now, or we will be inching along in intolerable gridlock again from Main Street, Towanda to the Wysox Dandy and beyond

Jeff Jackson


Let's keep our community beautiful

EDITOR: This is our community's first spring since Sept. 8, 2012. It was a day that will always be a significant day as we recall the turbulent storm that in one way or another we were all affected by the destruction of our land, homes, livestock and for others their health. This uncontrollable storm was nature's doing; we as humans cannot control the forces of wind and water.

I couldn't help but notice how our community came together to help out their fellow neighbors who needed some assistance. It brought people together who haven't spoken in years, or meeting some new families who have joined our community. It honestly eased some heartache, to experience and see how many people gave some to others anywhere from a shoulder to lean on, a warm meal, or an extra pair of hands to help re-build some dwellings.

These wonderful people did not do these acts for recognition, but to bring joy and humbleness to share with others.

Now that spring is here, I cannot help to notice another form of destruction all around us that has nothing to do with uncontrollable forces of nature, but can be controlled by man. As I go for walks, I see that as the snow is melting instead of the promise of green grass on the sides of our roads, and our lawn edges and the farmers' fields, there is an abundance of litter or just say trash thrown from people. We do have control of where we discard our used trash.

For the people who continue to litter, I feel sorry for their lack of pride that beholds the beauty of "The Endless Mountains."

For the majority of us who enjoy going for walks, knowing how fortunate we are, being blessed with such beauty all around us, when you go on your next walk, take a pair of gloves and a bag even just one time it will make you smile when you turn around, and notice the difference you personally have made.

Now as I go on walks, I think of the saying "Stop and smell the roses," comes to mind, but it is more "stop and see how much beauty is right in front of us," and you personally are making it happen now for making our community more beautiful as it was decades ago.

Katherine Jean Leigh

New Albany