EDITOR: Last Thursday afternoon I returned home from Elmira to two emails and a voice mail that were in regard to Trudy Bull. I was in a state of disbelief she just could not be gone. We had just been at a Bradford County Historical Society board meeting on Monday night and Trud was her usual vivacious self.

Trudy joined us on the board of the Bradford Country Historical Society nine years ago and let me tell you she was one of the best picks ever made for that board. Trudy had a great knowledge of local history and she knew everybody. She almost never missed an event sponsored by the society. We liked to put Trudy in a position as a greeter or ticket person due to her welcoming smile and knowledge of who the person coming in the door was.

She was a progressive informed thinker and helped us move the society to the place that it is in today. Sometimes boards can get a little hung up on some petty issues and more than once I heard Trudy say "Come on now let's move on." She was also great when we were discussing local history and we knew we would get the full story when Trud would start out with "Well you know."

The most important thing in her life was her family Gordy, Michelle and Breanna. We always got a full report on "the kids." She was so proud of them and shared her family stories with us often.

My friendship with Trudy goes back to the early 1960s when she chaired the Memorial Hospital Charity Ball for several years. We lived on Fourth Street behind St. Agnes School and the J.F. K. Parish Center where the Ball was held. The neighborhood kids would go over to the school to watch the work bees when the group was setting up and decorating and somehow I became Trudy's helper and assisted her each year that she chaired the ball we remained close friends from then on.

Her entire life was devoted to helping people through her teaching jobs her church activities, friends of her children and of course the many young people who sought Trudy out for advice when she and John owned John Bull's Tavern.

Towanda and Bradford County have lost a great lady. I know we at the Bradford County Historical Society will feel her loss for a long time but we will always be able to smile and think of Trudy, her smile and her passion for life and a good story.

Henry G. Farley

President Bradford County Historical Society

Need a third choice

EDITOR: I have lived in Pennsylvania all my life and in Bradford County for the past five years. I love it here but I think that Pennsylvania along with the rest of the country is being let down by our government.

There is so much gridlock and dishonesty among our two parties that nothing can get done. Although I am a registered Republican, I think it is time for a third party to step in.

On July 4, I met a young man named Nick Troiano at a gathering outside the Towanda Court House where he read The Declaration of Independence. I learned that he was collecting signatures on a petition to put his name on the ballot for US House of Representatives Congressional 10th District as an Independent. I signed that petition because I think we need someone like Nick in Washington. I think he would work tirelessly for his country. He has a good following and he got more than enough signatures (7,053) to get his name put on the ballot. I hope that everyone in the 10th District will consider voting for Nick Troiano

Nancy Blakeslee