Hat in hand

EDITOR: In a recent column (The Daily Review, 21 August) Madeline Janis related an incident that occurred when she was helping her father pack and move to an assisted living facility. When he tried to pack his treasured series of collector's edition Rush Limbaugh hats, she became enraged, so angry that she had to leave, go outside, cool down. When she returned, her father told her that family was more important than politics and that he would leave the hats behind.

Janis goes on self-righteously to call for Americans to "transcend our political differences" and "work cooperatively and respectfully" together. But what she doesn't understand, what she is incapable of understanding, is that the problem is not her father, it is her. She is the one who was uncontrollably enraged because someone held a different view.

I love to talk politics, particularly with those who disagree with me. That has become almost impossible. Since 2000 I have lost a number of friends, some of decades standing, because they simply could not abide a different position or any challenge to their own, for which they are too often unable to offer a cogent defense beyond anger. It has been said that conservatives think liberals are wrong, liberals think conservatives are evil. That is no basis for a respectful dialogue. For starters, Janis might consider not storming out in a rage because she doesn't like her father's hat.

Duane Campbell


Thanks, folks

EDITOR: United Way of Bradford County would like to thank former CHK employees for all of their contributions to our community!

The effects of the recent Chesapeake layoff are certainly being felt throughout the community and the non-profit sector. The affected Chesapeake employees were wonderful, very active community members who made countless contributions to various boards and committees throughout our area. They will be deeply missed. From their contributions to the Day of Caring, serving on committees, and being the first ever Corporate Partner, the United Way of Bradford County is sincerely thankful for all of their support over the last few years!

Any individual interested in volunteering or joining a non-profit board may contact the United Way for more information.

United Way of Bradford County