Wrong decision

EDITOR: I believe the Pennsylvania Supreme Court made a wrong decision regarding gathering fees. Our lease does not mention gathering fees. The Supreme Court added this. Governor Corbett said he could undo their ruling because it would change our lease. The Supreme Court has done that. We need our lease honored as it was written.

We land owners need our governor, senators, and our representatives to work for us. If these people don't do something to reverse the court's ruling they should not be reelected.

The state law that says land owners must be paid one eighth of the value of the gas needs to be honored.

The Daily Review 7/25/14 article "Reason for shrinking royalty checks," states that Access Midstream is a spin off from Chesapeake. In other words they formed another company where the profits go to the same people. The result is the land owner pays almost what the gas is worth in gathering fees.

Maybe the Pa. Supreme Court should be investigated to see if there was a money reason they ruled the way they did.

Good job county commissioners...

Meylert Schanbacher