Land owners rally

EDITOR: I recently read the article in The Daily Review about the commissioners organizing a rally on post-production deductions. Chances are if you are one who reads The Daily Review, then you have a stake in this issue. Many of the landowners of Northeast Pennsylvania prior to the year 2010 opened their homes and welcomed land men from different gas companies to sit at their kitchen tables and sign a gas lease with them. Probably most or all gas leases state that landowners were guaranteed a minimum of 12.5 percent at the time you signed your lease. Since that time (Kilmer vs. Elexco decision) some gas companies have explored many avenues of taking deductions and a few have even found ways to manipulate the leases, even after addendums that landowners had added to protect themselves from these deductions. Enhancement: To make greater; as in value. Whenever did the word enhancement become to be know as the meaning of transporting?

Our commissioners are acting out on complaints from citizens who have been victimized by outrageous deductions from these gas companies. Citizens should think back to the day when you invited the land man into your home. I am sure you can remember the excitement and the buzz in the air when our county became invaded by the gas companies and the possibilities and promises that came with them. Sure most of you can remember hearing the royalty percentage was going to be very rewarding then bonus money. Well where do those royalty percentages stand at now. This rally is not just for those who are receiving royalties now but also for all the leases that are pending. Many landowners are patiently still waiting for the day when their leases will be effected. You also should support this rally. Imagine you have been waiting seven years or more as many have been doing. Then you receive your first royalty check and maybe two thirds of it is deducted.

I believe our commissioners are forming this rally to help benefit the citizens which are you and I . We as citizens of Bradford County need to stop sitting around and complaining about these deductions at the very kitchen tables where we signed these leases. We need to stand up for what we signed up for. It is not just victimizing us now, but will be passed on well into our future. I myself am a citizen of Bradford County and have talked with many others who feel these deductions should not be. United we stand divided we fall. Come out and stand your ground.

John Williams


'Shame on you'

EDITOR: Please reference the front page of The Daily Review, dated Wednesday, Jan. 29, 2014.

There was a horrific photo of a dead, frozen dog named "Charlie." The headline ran "Arrest made in case of puppy found deceased and frozen."

What was your reasoning behind publishing this photo, other than for "shock" value?

It was clearly a case of gross negligence and abuse of someone's pet dog.

Maybe, you are not aware that many, many humans own a dog, quite simply because of their pure joy and unconditional love. These pets are members of their family. Would you publish a photo of a dead and frozen young child?

Helen M. Barrett