A Winter Storm

EDITOR: As I sit and watch the 'illuminated tube',

I begin to feel like a 'Boob Tube Boob' !

"There's a'storm a'commin' "-- it's time to excite !

Grab some grub, wax your shovel,' comes a cold winter's night !

How well I remember in days long ago,

'40s, '50s, and '60s when we reveled with snow.

We waxed our skis, shined runners on sleds,

Put on ear-flappered caps to protect our heads.

Our warning system was the radio,

Newspapers weren't common on "the hill', you know,

Our cars were equipped with 'knobbies', chains'n studs'

And our biggest worries were the springtime floods !

So with TV warnings 24/7

I turn off the Late News about 'Eleven",

And hope that when I open shades in the morn,

A new, lovely, pristene White Scene will be born !

Ramon L. Yale



EDITOR: I would like to respond to Ray Ward's Letter to the Editor which appeared in the paper last week.

Ray Ward is correct in that I, Martin Borko, former legislative chair of Tioga County, am running for the position of Mayor of the Village of Waverly. I have not been publicly endorsed by any person at this point in time. When I have inquired about Mark Bakely, who is allegedly running for the same office, I have only heard good things said about him. I believe it is always good to give the public a choice. It is my understanding that the NPL building is privately owned, taxes having been paid. On the issue of gun control, I have never made any statements about it, nor do I have any clue as to where that came from. What I do wish to do is to add businesses to Broad Street, protect our residents water and air quality, increase educational opportunities, work cooperatively with the Town of Barton, the County and the State in maintaining a safe walkable community for all of our residents and visitors. I also plan on spending time in the Village office watching taxpayers dollars and being available to our residents. As Tioga county legislator I did prevail upon the County's E D & Ps Teresa Seraceno to secure a pharmacy for the village. We now have a great one.

Martin Borko

Waverly, N.Y.