Welfare a necessary evil

EDITOR: In this country, we have 92 million people that are not working. This is nearly a third of the population. It amazes me the number of people that get subsidies of some sort from the government, but are all these social programs really needed? Today we live in a society where technology is growing exponentially, along with the population. With a growing population, we have more consumers requiring more goods. However, today with technology, we can produce more manufactured goods with fewer people. Are we replacing ourselves with robots? Don't people realize, we have reached the point where we can no longer economically support the population through the private sector? There just aren't enough jobs for everyone. During the Great Depression in the 1930s, people had something I do not have today; they had hope; they believed that the economy would get better with time.

You hear how people who get welfare and food stamps become dependent upon them. Just about everyone is dependent on social programs either directly or indirectly. Go to the grocery store on the day food stamps come out, and see how many people are spending food stamps. Is not the grocer dependent on the food stamps to sell groceries? Without food stamps the grocer will sell fewer groceries, while his basic operating cost remains the same. What is he going to do, raise his prices or go out of business? It is the same way with most social programs it keeps the cost of goods down for all of us. We all benefit from social programs, but it comes at a cost; higher taxes. How many hundreds of thousands of dollars are dumped into Bradford County each month to boost the economy?

For years man has wanted the oppressed to furnish their labor for just about nothing. Egypt had the Israelites to build their pyramids. In this country we had the African slaves to pick our cotton, and the Chinese to build the railways across America. Well slavery is still alive and doing well in America; we just call it minimum wage. I understand that mom and pop businesses really can't pay more than minimum wage, and remain competitive with the much larger corporations, however, the large corporations could pay more. Can you have a robust economy, when you have millions of adults trying to live on kid's wages? A girl who worked at one of the local department stores told me, the CEO got a fifteen million dollar bonus. I did the math; she would have to work for 994 years at minimum wage to make the same amount of money. The CEOs of these large corporations are nothing but slave holders. Each store is their little plantation, and the people at the bottom of the ladder are their slaves. The CEOs don't care; they know the welfare system will pick up the difference between what they pay, and a livable wage.

I grew up in the 60s, and I was taught to work hard, and you will get places. Today it is all upside down. When people are seeking employment, they soon learn working at minimum wage they lose more than they gain. Does it make sense to work more and have less, when you can work less and have more? There is so much wealth in poverty. You have thousands of people in this country who are working less to gain more in subsidies to cover the cost of their health insurance through Obama Care. The government doesn't seem to care. You have people in Congress and Nancy Pelosi saying, isn't it a wonderful thing people are working less to get subsidies to cover their health care cost. She said, "This will give people more time with their families, or to pursue their passions in life." Are they totally pixilated?

This is all going to come at a great cost to all Americans. The more we accept from the government the more indebted we are going to be the government. The government is rapidly becoming the company store. Remember the old song by Tennessee Ernie Ford, "16 Tons," and the verse, "I owe my soul to the company store." Soon we will all be singing this tune. The government is also caught in the web of this welfare state they have woven. There is no way out. The government must continual these welfare programs, or the economy will fall apart. Tell me, how can the government ever do away with these social programs without totally destroying the economy and our country? But then again; maybe our government really doesn't give a damn!

Craig H. Pierce