We're doomed!

EDITOR: When Obama said he needed four more years to finish the job he started, he wasn't kidding. When he's done with this second term - we will be finished.

I find it highly offensive that our forefathers spent its treasures, its armies, and great men imperiled their very lives to give birth to what now has been relinquished to an uninspiring, narcistic administration.

A whole lot of people who voted Obama in his first term were really and truly fooled. But they became very vocal and adamant that it would not happen again. Too late folks. Too many people got hooked on all the freebees. Many undocumented folks got the message that Obama wanted a second term at any price. And those who were born here of undocumented emerges jumped on the band wagon and helped him win. There are many reasons for Obama's second win. Most reasons were selfish ones. Gay people got the nod, that was the signal that they were accepted and they reciprocated with their vote. People who were on the dole collecting a couple of years of compensation were in no hurry to go back to work love him. Abortionists, Planned Parenthood and those against gun ownership idolize him.

I guarantee you this, Obama has and will continue doing the opposite to what your nations forefathers did to create what you have. Since he took over the reigns of power, each person he's picked for his administration has been no less remiss in his or her duties when weighing in on application of constitutional law. Nor do these new appointees seek to administer the constitution as written and go so far as to ignore it.

Why is it that the enemies of America such as Russia's Putan, Iran's president, the Hamas, and the rest of the radical Mideast embrace Obama as their choice. They even embrace his choices for his cabinet and administration?

At this point I would generally say, wake up people. But people your just up for four more nightmares.

Vincent Calaman



EDITOR: This letter is in response to Billy E. Dell's letter on Jan. 18. His letter contained some misinformation.

Bill claims to have been a hunter for over 60 years, he should know that no semi-automatic gun can fire at a rate of 460-900 rounds per minute. That statement is absurd and misleading. One pull of the trigger on these guns will shoot one round, at best you could fire maybe two rounds per second equaling 120 rounds per minute. And with most high capacity clips, you would be out of ammo after 30 rounds. Bill's (hunting shotguns) can fire anywhere from one to hundreds of projectiles with one pull of the trigger, and it probably holds at least three of these shells, but for some reason, that's acceptable.

His letter also seems to suggest that if there was an assault weapons band, then a "perpetrator" would have to stop and reload, that statement is also absurd, since when do criminals follow the law? They would have assault weapons even if they where banned. Then the letter goes on to say," until someone intervenes," guess he is talking about the police who would probably show up after the fact with, you guessed it, assault weapons.

The First Amendment has nothing to do with hunting, it is about the right to protect one's self and family from harm. Why does someone need an assault rife? Very simple answer, because the bad guys (who ever they may be) have assault rifles. If someone breaks into my house to harm or rob my family, I want to have as many bullets as possible to defend my home. It's called "balance of power."

Chris Bean

Warren Center

On the other hand...

EDITOR: Hey gun people. How many bullets are you allowed in your rifle to hunt big game? How many shells are you allowed in your shotgun to hunt small game? What means of shooting are you allowed to hunt with? Is it manual semi-automatic or automatic? Do you have to register or get a license to carry or shot a gun while you hunt? Think seriously about it.

Do these Pennsylvania Game rules prevent slaughtering our animals? Does it give the animals a chance to escape? Seems to me that the gun advocates think animals are more important then people.

In ending let's all pray that this massive killing of human life never happens again. It could and may end if we stop listening to all the propaganda that's being told to us and pass laws controlling our use of guns. Something like the Game Commission laws. The "won't happen here or won't happen to me" just doesn't work.

Jerry McMenamin