A voice in the wilderness

EDITOR: To those who were so adamant in playing a part with money, time and your votes in these past elections, I thank you. I certainly hope you've received your bonus for what your man O-bama has wrought upon the land, I'm sure that there are a lot of distraught first time O-bama voters and a lot more distraught first time O-bama voters that were overwhelmed and disgusted on the second time around. I spent a lot of time trying to plug you people into what you were in for with Obama at the helm. But alas it was not to be. It almost seemed surreal in the way that the elections went the way they did.

I've been writing these letters since the 50s and I've kept a copy of each letter through the years and now have a stack three feet deep. Sometimes I reminisce and pull out an old letter to see how well I came out in the predictions I made in that era on pressing issues of the time. Through the years of scanning these old letters I find that my intuitive leanings were pretty much correct. My gleanings in the past couple of elections have been quite correct and we have much more plague and confusion before a new man, a new direction is implemented. I can see in Obama's newly found decorum a loss of self image and he has begun to fail mentally. A far cry from the flair of a president whose beginnings seemed to emanate from a celestial deity.

I find myself wondering how in God's name did the rest of the working government allow this man to go so far out of bounds before finally drawing the line. It's going to take years, or maybe never, to reinstate our world as it was.

When O-bama is gone, the ensuing years will continue to relinquish many, many secretive initiatives that O-bama had in store for you.

Vincent Calaman


Big impact

EDITOR: My wife and I were looking for a small town in Pennsylvania to go on a short vacation. But given the reports of how gas drilling has impacted the original historic community, it's looking like we'll go someplace else. It is indeed sad how the lure of profit by big industry, and especially fossil fuels that threaten the future of the planet, can so profoundly impact the few small-town communities left in the "Commonwealth" . . .

Michael Wright

Glen Rock, Pa.