Rebranding is silly

EDITOR: So much of what gets done in this county is enabled by grants. We seem to be incapable of providing for our needs by sound management of our own resources. Grants are celebrated as found money with little consideration for where it actually comes from or its careful use.

At one of these recent celebrations, (with hot dogs, and the news media), the Endless Mountains Transit Authority announced a single new bus purchased with funding from an Alternative Fuels Incentive Grant that will run on compressed natural gas.

While I agree that switching to a cleaner and currently abundant and cheaper fuel is provident, I think this action in itself should be adequate in attracting the public's attention to their dynamism and I strongly object to their wasteful use of this grant's funding to rebrand their operation. The self congratulatory impulse driving this decision is just wrong. Rebranding is silly. Successful enterprises don't do it. The EMTA blue bus exercises its commission in a highly recognizable fashion.

I wonder how much was spent on the redesign and logo they are so proud of. It might be considered clever if it wasn't already in long use by another Bradford County business: BLaST, (with a small a), Intermediate Unit 17.

Ronald C. Young



EDITOR: Kudos to C.J. Marshall! His column, "There's only one race that matters," in Sunday's Review, was very timely and well written.

I admire someone who recognizes that prejudice is unacceptable. Mr. Marshall expressed his views in a very thoughtful and compelling way.

I thank him and congratulate him.

Lorraine Fowler


Car 54, where are you?

EDITOR: Who's watching the store? Where have our guardians of our highways gone? It used to be you'd see a man in blue in his white car keeping an eye on things. I know there are a lot of truckers out there that need tending to but lately I and others are up to our eyeballs in crazy people doing strange things. I also noticed this mischief go started when the crazies found out they could get away with whatever. And whatever is what a lot of drivers are doing because they know there is no one around to catch them.

I'm on the by-pass in Athens, cruising along about 55 miles per hour and happened to notice something strange in my mirror. Two cars coming at me side by side and at twice my speed. Before I could think, which wouldn't have done any good nohow. One car passed me on the left and the other on the right. As they passed my car was lifted off the ground.

My wife came out of Tops store in Wysox and pulled up within one car length from the light. Someone in back of her didn't approve of her wasting all that space and that she should be filling that voice by moving up 20 feet. He began blowing his horn and making gestures and finally stepped on the gas spun tires and passed her on the left side of her just to fill that void.

I'm on Towanda bypass going south following traffic and I've got traffic on left going north when truck flies past me on my right side so if you added both our speeds he passed me at over a hundred miles per hour. What in the heck is he doing there anyway?

There isn't enough paper space to cover all the crazy people I've run into in the last six months or so.

Don't get me going about tail gaters. Insurance companies and law enforcement seem to not recognize or enforce the laws dealing with these people. They are some of the most insidiously underestimated incompetent miscreants on the highways and cause untold amounts of pain and death. Let us not give those people with a car full of electronics a pass. I could go on about those people by using large descriptive language but I'll make it simple. When I get behind the wheel there are no electronic devices in or around my person other than my radio that's bolted to my car. I and my wife have been accident free since birth because our job is to get from point one to point two in one piece.

So: wherever you guys are who drive those little white cars and have sirens, come back, there are crazies here.

Vincent Calaman