Waverly election - chasing one's tail

EDITOR: Like warmed over toast office holders of the past who present themselves as candidates in Waverly's forthcoming mayoral race offer little on the plate for the voter. It's a Tweedledum Tweedledee choice except for the new guy. It can be said one of these tweedlers was so audacious in responding to a tax question as in effect to say, get used to it. This makes my point - we are in a tail chasing exercise rather than containment and reduction in taxes mode. Symptomatic of the decay in our system, locally, is this lack of economic wisdom on the part of past office holders.

While publicly I have challenged the tweedlers, outlining a way to contain taxes and preserve public sector jobs. No one was listening. To preserve our police department which is 50 percent of our budget, which otherwise we shall put in peril, contract or no contract, either we may have to raise taxes or recast our long term debt. The latter, recasting our debt, is the sensible choice of Mark Bakely, who is open to a practical solution. It is not the choice of the tweedlers who are chasing their tails. Their egos get in the way.

Summarizing the problem, the prior management of our affairs led to debt incurrence in putting in sewers, long term debt. Obligation in acquiring an old shoe of a building ever needing repair, and unavoidable cost to maintain a well serving, well deserving public body which heavily impacts our budget.

All these money-drains are to degree complicated by the present administration in Washington which takes rather than gives of its resources upon which we have depended.

Summarizing the solution, we can do something simple, recast our long term debt. Two things happen interactively. Almost half the nearly $6 million bond debt is interest. There is a critical point where the interest part shrinks by cutting down the 40 years part and by reissuing our bond for a shorter term and at a much lower rate now available. The question then asked is do we save a million in interest - do we shorten the current multi-generational payback? Yes to both questions. Do we save our police department? I qualify that answer because of the horrible Washington scene. At least Mark Bakely will try. While I have no animosities, I seek the most competent person.

Ray Ward

Waverly NY

Bakley is the one

EDITOR: As a Sayre Borough resident, I do not get to participate in the Village of Waverly mayoral election on Tuesday March 19. That does not stop me from caring about my hometown and following what goes on there. This year's race for village mayor is a very important one; the incumbent mayor has chosen not to seek another term. What does that mean? It means Waverly will have a new leader for the first time in six years. There are two candidates on the ballot, and one requesting to be written in.

My uncle was involved in local county politics for many years. He was unseated by Martin Borko, one of the candidates on Tuesday's ballot. What I remember most about that county legislature race was the smear campaign that was waged against my uncle. It was certainly not in the spirit of a fair campaign and it was certainly unwarranted. I have no doubt a similar tactic was waged on a smaller scale to Mr. Borko's opponent in this mayoral race. Mr. Borko won that legislature election and served one term as a county legislator. One term is important to remember because the voters of Tioga County didn't think he did a good enough job to keep him there. Is this the type of leadership the village needs? Does the village need someone who will step on people and grind them into the dirt in order to get ahead? Does the village need someone who was ousted after one term? I ask what kind of leadership is that.

The person requesting to be written in is former Mayor Dan Leary. While Mr. Leary is well known in the village and has a wealth of political experience, I cannot help to wonder why he thought it prudent not to go out and collect the necessary signatures to get on the ballot. I feel Mr. Leary did a fine job as mayor, but I also feel his time has come and gone. Does Waverly really want to elect someone that only wants to take "shortcuts" to get things done?

The other person on the ballot is a new comer to "elected" politics. He has been on the village planning board for approximately four years and was a member of the grievance board. He was raised in Waverly, honorably served in the military, is a local business owner, and thought it best to raise his family in Waverly. Mark Bakley is eager to work hard for the people of Waverly. Mark put in the hard work of going door to door to get his name on the ballot. He brings a fresh outlook and perspective to the village. Given the opportunity, I feel he will excel in the position.

I respectfully ask the village residents to get out and vote Tuesday. Think about the best direction for the Waverly. Do you want someone that is willing to work hard to get things done for Waverly? If so, then your vote should be for Mark Bakley.

Craig Sullivan

Sayre, PA (Waverly native)