Bradford County is going backwards

EDITOR: I am writing on behalf of all citizens of Bradford County who can no longer purchase the Sunday editions of The New York Times, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Wilkes-Barre Times Leader (who I used to work for), The Scranton Times, and the Wall Street Journal. If I failed to list any other newspapers I apologize.

It was told by an employee at a local store in Towanda that the Harrisburg Press has made the decision to discontinue printing and shipping these newspapers to Bradford County. I am very concerned. I realize that I can read an pay for the New York Times online, but I choose not to. I look forward every Sunday to purchasing the newspaper and reading the Book Review Section, The Style Section, and solving the New York Times Crossword Puzzle. I want to feel the newspaper in my hands and smell the ink.

I feel this situation represents regress, not progress.

Does anyone else feel similar concerns?

P.S. I'm sure Mr. Alfred S. Ochs, the first publisher of The New York Times, would be very disappointed!

Helen Barrett


Pump and dump

EDITOR: I am writing this letter in response to all the mainstream economists and news personalities that continue to paint a rosy picture about our so called economic recovery. First and foremost, the thing to remember is that the stock market is not an economic indicator. The Federal Reserve (a privately owned bank with stock holders) has been front running the markets with easy low/no interest cash lent out to the large institutional investment firms since the crash of 07-08.

Their goal is to convince small investors like you and I that the stock market is the place to be. At any other time in history, this would be considered criminal. It is a pump and dump scheme that when the dump phase (sell Off) comes, will transfer of wealth-or losses of the small investor to the large banks and corporations. Billionaire George Soros has over one billion dollars in short market investments betting on a large market sell off. This is all planned and will happening sooner or later. Our government continues to feed us with false and misleading economic numbers to keep the game going as long as possible. The jobs created numbers are in reality the number of people who are no longer collecting unemployment and the inflation rate figures do not include food and fuel.

The GDP figures are manipulated and are not inflation adjusted, they are actually lower not that before the crash of 07-08. Our entire monetary system is geared to strip wealth from the middle class and transfer it to the very wealthy and the Federal Reserve is the ring leader in collusion with our lawmakers in Washington on both sides of the isle who no doubt know what is about to go down. And if all this is not enough, A gold backed currency from China will soon be completing with the US dollar as the world reserve currency. I would urge everyone to do research on your own and stay way from the mainstream media and advisors. This is all going to end very badly for most.

Chris Bean

Warren Center

Promoting Honor Flight

EDITOR: I just read the article regarding the Honor Flight program. I recently filled out an application with my father, Howard Kerr, to take the Flight. As we worked on the application for him, I realized there may be veterans who wish to apply for Honor Flight but do not have access to a computer, which is necessary to download an application for Flight. Since that may be the case, I would like to offer to print out an application for any Vet interested in applying to the program. I would also would like to offer assistance in filling out the application for anyone needing help getting their information submitted.

I can be contacted at 570-265-3219. Leave a message if necessary and I will return the call right away to begin the application process.

Thank you, Daily Review for promoting the Honor Flight program.

Katrina Murray