Can anyone help?

EDITOR: Hi my name is Jose T. I am a fifth grade student at Harlan Intermediate school in Harlan, Iowa. My class is studying history and geography of Pennsylvania. I would like people to send me information like a state map and a souvenir and any information about your cool state. My teacher, Mrs. Newlin, would like a car license plate for a school project, if possible. I really appreciate your time.

Mrs. Newlin's S.S. Class,

Harlan Intermediate Class

1401 19th St. Harlan, IA 51537

Jose T.

Harlan, Iowa

Marty for mayor

EDITOR: I am writing this letter in support of mayoral candidate Marty Borko. Over the years that I served as the Town of Barton Town Clerk, I had the opportunity to meet and work with him. Upon moving to Waverly he immediately became involved with helping our government to serve its residents. He worked with Supervisor Bill Hotchkiss to start the Barton-Waverly community newsletter. He solicited articles, edited, collated and made the arrangements for printing of the newsletters, which he then distributed to the three Barton post offices. He continued this process for the entire existence of the newsletters. Also, he worked with Bill to secure a grant from the Mildred Faulkner Truman Foundation to build two pavilions; one in the Hamlet of Barton and the other in Lockwood. The foundation grant was also used to create two "Welcome to Barton" signs and improve the Carantouan Greenway parking area to handle school buses. He then went on to be elected to the Tioga County Legislature. After being there for one year, he was elected to serve as its chairman for the next three years. I believe that Marty has the time to devote and the leadership qualities to move the Village of Waverly forward as our next MAYOR!

Janet S. Keene

Waverly, N.Y.

Kirk for DA

EDITOR: In my capacity as Chief & Lead Investigator of the Humane Law Enforcement Division at Stray Haven Humane Society & SPCA Inc. from 2002-2005 I had to pleasure of working closely with Kirk Martin on several cases. Kirk along with former district attorney and now Judge Gerald Keene were the only two district attorneys who would take the time to meet with me on each case to see what the best course of action for that case, what the desired outcome that was in the best interest of the animals and the people were. In doing so he always would keep the rights of the people and animals in mind and remained focused on the case and fair.

In my professional opinion Kirk Martin is the only person for the job of Tioga County District Attorney. Not only is he dedicated, he is compassionate and honest, and is held to the highest regard.

Patrick Cartwright Jr.

Smithboro, N.Y.