Support for Bill Them

EDITOR: I have found, after careful consideration and extensive research, that my vote should be cast, this May, for Bill Them, for Wysox Township supervisor. My hope is that the Wysox voters will also vote for Bill Them on May 21, 2013. My intent is to share a few reasons why the Wysox voters should vote for Bill.

Bill has been a lifelong resident of Bradford county, has been a Wysox businessman since 1972, has attended Wysox Township meetings for eight years (often inserting his views on various subjects), served on the Wysox Township Zoning-hearing Board for eight years, was past-president of the Wysox Chamber of Commerce, now serves on the Central-Bradford County Chamber of Commerce (since Wysox merged with Bradford county) and now serves as their secretary. Hopefully, this will give the voters some background information about Bill.

Bill's campaign pledges are as follows:

Bill pledges, under any circumstances whatsoever, he will not accept any health-care benefits for himself or for any member of his family. (I believe that this is a "bone-of-contention" for many taxpayers.)

Bill would like to see the Wysox Township taxes reduced because of the considerable positive balance of funds existing in the Wysox Township bank account.

Bill's belief is that the existing township funds need to be managed with a proper well thought-out "game-plan."

Bill could be considering retirement, riding his motorcycle with his wife Pat, or just enjoying life, but Bill feels passionate about helping the Wysox Township residents.

My husband and I have known Bill and Pat for several years, and our youngest son went to school with Bill's son, Billy. We believe that Bill is honest, possesses a good character, and will be a conscientious supervisor.

Please give Bill your vote of confidence on May 21, 2013 and again in November 2013.

Cherie Baker


To the residents of Wysox Township

EDITOR: I have lived in Wysox Township my entire life and have always had in interest in seeing our township grow and be run responsibly. I have concerns with our current supervisors and I feel we need a change of course.

Bill Them and I served as president and vice president of the Wysox Chamber of Commerce, throughout that process Bill has always been a role model and a friend to me, but why would he want to run for supervisor. The answer to that question settled my concerns with the current township government, and my desire for a more stable and responsible township. By electing Bill Them as township supervisor it will eliminate many issues. Bill Them is not taking health insurance, he will bring balance to the one-sided slate of current supervisors, he will encourage responsible spending of our $1.6 million dollar checking account, and most importantly; he will be our voice. Our township needs to be cleaned up, our township needs to stop wasting our money on health insurance for the supervisors, our township needs to encourage development and continue to move forward. I urge you to show up May 21, and vote for the only man who cares enough to be on your ballot, Mr. William Them.

Evan Barnes