Something missing?

EDITOR: Congress has designated the first Thursday of May as National Day of Prayer. Yesterday it was celebrated by Americans of many religions, including Christians, Sikhs, Muslims, Hindus, Jews and others. One law, stated in various ways, binds all great religions together. It is the Golden Rule.

It seems to me the spirit of unity, tolerance, and good will are missing in Bradford County, when only "Christians of many persuasions" were invited to gather at the courthouse. Today I will be praying for inclusion in future prayer gatherings at our court house. We as a nation have much to be thankful for. Each generation has seen people of different faiths join together to advance peace, justice and dignity for all. We are capable of this in Bradford County.

Virginia Shapiro


Not long enough

EDITOR: Let me start by saying I hope I'm not opening a can of worms.

Not too long ago, I had some students that were taking their CDL road test for Pa. At the test site we ran into a fracking company that had nine students that were going to take their tests (also road tests).

As we finished, their students started the state tests and I had the chance to talk to some of them about the type of training they had to go through to get there. What they told me was not only frightening, but just wrong!

Their CDL Training was only two weeks long. (Two to three days of classroom and the rest was driving). Sorry, That's just not right. Just for the safety of the motoring public.

I know that there's nothing set in stone for basic training and in the FMCSR, Appendix to subpart G of part 383-Required Knowledge and Skills-Sample Guidelines, and additional details in the appendix are not binding and that states may depart from it at their discretion provided their CDL program tests for the general areas of knowledge and skill specified in 383.111 and 383.113.

Now don't get me wrong here. I know that the state is testing within the guidelines so that's not the problem. It's the companies that are supplying the truck driver training before the students go for road tests. I mean come on now! Two weeks of training. Two to three days of classroom and the rest was driving.

What I'm most upset about is that four passed out of the nine. The four that passed may be good safe drivers or just got lucky that day. Who knows?

Just some food for thought.

Something needs to be looked at here.

Michael Hamilton CDL Instructor/Coordinator

Northern Tier Career Center Truck Driver Training

Big Pond, good and bad

EDITOR: This is a three part story.

First, I want to thank the people that live and play around Big Pond (Lake Ondawa). I was able to make my first fishing trip of the year in my kayak on Saturday, April 27 and was very pleased with the cleanliness and beauty of the lake. It was my first time fishing there and we had a good time and would definitely return in the future.

Secondly, I work at the Bradford County Correctional Facility and everyday I face unique and challenging situations. I struggle daily trying not to group all people together and believe that the majority of our society is respectful and thoughtful towards other people and their belongings.

This brings me back to my fishing trip and the third part of the story.

After we completed our fishing we loaded up and started our trip home. During the drive I realized I had left my two fishing rods on the ground near the Big Pond pavilion. Both poles are seven foot medium action rods, one black and one a dark green gator stick. They are both fitted with basket reels and one was labeled "12lb mono." Both also had silver and black minnow shaped rapala casting lures on them.

When I returned to the area 40 minutes later they were gone. My hope is they were picked up by a fellow fisherman who can sympathize with lost gear and return them. I have beat myself up a lot for leaving them and realize that it is my fault and no one else's. I am hopeful that whoever picked them up realizes what they have. If it were their fishing gear what would they want someone to do? I am asking you to return them to me as I would be extremely thankful.

Also, reaffirming my belief in a society that is respectful and courteous of other people; "Treat others as you would like to be treated."

Kevin Prickitt

Bradford County Correctional Facility