Ken Whipp candidacy for Wysox Twp. supervisor

EDITOR: I am writing this letter in support of Ken Whipp's candidacy for the office of Wysox Township supervisor. Ken is a long time resident of Bradford County and has lived in Wysox Township for the past 18 years. He retired from Agway where he was a store manager and sales representative. Currently he is a part-time sales representative for a business that provides milking equipment for farmers. This represents an adult life time of interacting with the public and listening to their needs in order to complete his job in a timely and orderly manner.

Ken is community minded and served as a coach for both "Little" and "Senior" League baseball teams. He also helped start "Pee Wee Football" in the Towanda area. He has attended the Wysox Township Supervisors' monthly meetings for the past several years and is up to speed on the current issues facing the township. Currently he is serving as a township supervisor and is instrumental, along with the other 2 supervisors, in purchasing a new tractor and mower to replace the worn-out unit, implementing the sewer line extension along Hillside Drive, and starting much needed road repairs. He is working on responsible growth in the township and on revision of the township zoning ordinances in a manner that all might benefit. These accomplishments are an indication of Ken's ability to work with the public and the other supervisors.

Ken is always willing to listen to other people's comments and their concerns. He is always respectful and gives their thoughts his full consideration. Prior to casting his vote on any issue, he thinks about the possible effects this vote will have on the Wysox community and its taxpayers. In the years that I have known Ken I have found him to be completely honest and of mature judgment.

Ken has been doing an excellent job as a temporary supervisor, and I believe Wysox Township will benefit greatly by electing him for a full term. Please vote for him on Primary Election Day and again in the fall.

Bob Northrop


Would fracking threaten Waverly's water resource?

EDITOR: A United States Geological Survey entitled "Scientific Investigations Report 2012-5127" raises serious questions. The recently published 44 page report was written by Todd S. Miller and Lacey M. Pitman describing the "Hydrogeology of the Stratified-Drift Aquifers in the Cayuta Creek and Catatonk Creek Valleys in Parts of Tompkins, Schuyler, Chemung, and Tioga counties, New York" and was prepared in cooperation with the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation.

The report was to help serve as a foundation for making planning and well-head protection decisions and ground water remediation if necessary. The authors thought it particularly important in view of the potential extraction of gas from the Marcellus Shale formation. Governmental agencies will have to decide the risk and consequences of losing this sole-source aquifer in the stratified glacial drift of sand and gravels.

The 27 mile-long Cayuta Creek Valley water table is ultimately recharged from the 35-39 inches of precipitation we experience each year. The tributary stream flow infiltration serves as a recharging source to the stratified-drift aquifers. This recharge can move both vertically and horizontally. Waverly Village wells lie in and directly below this stratified glacial drift.

The greatest potential threat is clearly depicted on the reports Figure 3, which maps a major line that is a fault or suspected fault that runs from VanEtten in Chemung County to Waverly in Tioga. This is a zone of concentrated fractures that may enhance the permeability of the rock. These fractures can act a conduits through which groundwater as well as methane-rich fluids may migrate. It is therefore increasingly probable that contaminating fluids could migrate upward and contaminate the sole-source aquifer that supplies Waverly residents with their potable water.

What action should the Village of Waverly take to protect its water supply?

Marty Borko, VP Carantouan Greenway

Waverly, N.Y.