"Where everyone knows your name..."

EDITOR: Many people may look at a bar as a party place with loud music and drinking, but when you think of Tanner's Bar & Grill in Athens, you can think of a hometown family business. Tanner's provides local entertainment such as acoustic music on Thursday night, rock bands on Saturday nights, along with dart, horseshoe, and pool leagues. Patrons may be local faces you see every day or a new face, welcomed into the Tanner's family.

But in addition to the normal tavern activities, Tanner's provides so much more. Ryan Wood and John Thurston have been known to hold many charitable events such as barbecues and bands to benefit local families who have suffered from major disasters to golf tournaments and bicycle rides to benefit a local family member suffering. The response to these events is tremendous. The parking lot is full and the charity from the owners and customers is overwhelming. If anyone in the Valley needs help, Tanner's Bar & Grill is one of the first responders to lend a helping hand.

I write this letter because Tanner's Bar & Grill has sponsored our team for the second year in a row for the Susan G. Komen-Race For The Cure. When I presented the idea to Ryan Wood, he welcomed it with an immediate consideration of a family member who had breast cancer. It was our first year, and we all learned from the experience. The community, without hesitation, contributed to the Tanner's Team, through donations and purchasing Tee shirts designed by Preston Designs and Pastrick's Sporting Goods in Elmira, NY, whereas the proceeds all went to the Twin Tiers Region Affiliate. For the first year having done this, the Tanner's Team raised $4,800 to hand in at the Race for The Cure in Elmira, NY. The team was very proud to have produced that much in about a month's time and looked forward to participating again in 2013.

The 2013 Race For The Cure is May 19. Team Tanner's has again registered and began selling tee shirts for the cause. In addition, team members have been accepting donations. Last week, the team decided to have a bake sale on Sunday, April 28 at Tanner's. The bake sale was scheduled at the same time as a pool league end of season party. The winners of the pool league were awarded their winnings for the season and enjoyed their catered event with lots of good home cooking. During this event, the Tanner's Team held their bake sale. Much to my surprise, the winners of the pool league did not keep their winnings. They announced they were donating their money to Team Tanner's. This wasn't just $50, this was hundreds. The men donating had associated a family member who had breast cancer and wanted to do their part in helping fight and cure breast cancer in our local area. One man even became teary-eyed as he remembered the pain his mother was in while suffering from breast cancer. I can't ever thank these people enough for their support of our team. In less than 3 hours, our team received almost $1,000 to donate to Twin Tier Komen. These funds go towards education, advocacy, and financial support for breast cancer patients.

When you drive by Tanner's Bar & Grill, don't view it as just a bar. Think of how many people they have helped with their charitable events and their kind hearts. Stop in, have dinner, visit with friends, meet new people, and be part of the Tanner's Family.

Timmi Rightmire