EDITOR: A big thank-you to the following organizations and volunteers who helped with Trivia on Nov. 11, 2012 and made it a success.

First to the American Legion for hosting us for the second time and to their wonderful legion helpers.

Second to Mr. Wes Skillings (second time hosting) whose wit and personality made the contest so fun!

Third to these wonderful volunteers who made it all possible which includes members of the Towanda Public Library, AAUW (American Association of University Women) represented by Elaine Poost, Amy Schultz, Joanne Vago, Ruth Donnocker, Anita Duvall, Marney Gerhart, Sue Roy, Diane Sadler, Linda Chernosky, Kathy Becker, Mary Lou Stroud, Irma Henson.

Thanks to the following 10th graders - Mimi Isenberg, Kelsey Isenberg, and Carolina Vana.

To all the Trivia teams a special thanks because you care about your community by supporting the public library and helping AAUW to keep on giving scholarships locally!

Also The Daily Review for all of its coverage.

Elaine Poost and Mary Rose Shaylor

AAUW Co-Presidents


EDITOR: You think you are funny asking all Republicans what they thought of the election. Ha, ha, ha. Obama was a fine president and deserved four more years. Romney would have made a good dog catcher. In four years the Democrats will win again because they are for the small people.

Ted Zukerman

WWII Veteran


Editor's Note: It was not our intent to ask "all Republicans." Statistically there are far more Republicans than Democrats in Bradford County. We asked a random sample of people walking on the street and we printed what they said.