More balance

EDITOR: In your Friday Nov. 15, paper you had an article entitled "Official Troy election results listed." In this article the reporter interviewed or quoted the same malcontents that have several times in the past been given your press coverage with negative comments about the Troy Borough Council and management. This is just another example of a long list of negative articles that your paper has published concerning council. Why didn't your paper provide a more balanced view by also interviewing a broader segment of the community? Other views must be out there since three current council members were reelected.

One of your most critical interviewees, Jack Huslander, has been routinely attending council meetings, providing his own "report card" on how he perceives council's performance. However during the last few months he has verbally complimented council on it's "much improved" performance? He states that he wants a "more efficient use of money" with no specifics given. Was he not listening at the last council meeting when it was reported that our last independent audit of borough's finances were "well managed" and Troy was in a good financial position? He states that the newcomers who were elected are going to do a "much better job." How so? He mentions that morning council meetings shut out a lot of people? We have conducted council meetings at night in which I have not seen much increase in attendance but mostly with the same people showing up. However, occasional evening council meetings could again be considered. I get the impression that some residents believe council members get compensation for their time and effort. Serving as a council member is a totally voluntary position. Members serve solely to do what they can to contribute their time, energy and experience towards the betterment of the community of which they are a part.

The attacks on borough management from what I have seen have been entirely unfounded. In the past four years I have served on council, I have never heard any but unspecified or unsubstantiated allegations and rumors. No one has come forward with anything but undocumented complaints which sound more like a vendetta then anything of substance.

I for one will welcome the new council members, encouraging them to keep an open mind and not to come with a preconceived agenda.

James T. Warn

Troy Borough Council

Good job

EDITOR: I am writing to commend Doris J. Hugo and Todd E. Manahan for their diligent work compiling, writing and producing "A New History of New Albany Pennsylvania."

This wonderful book was introduced at a book signing at the New Albany Public Library on Saturday Nov. 16, I knew I had to attend when I saw that my good friend Doris Wilcox Hugo was involved in the production of the book. Doris and I co-managed the 1995 History of Bradford County Book project so I knew that with her input a fine book would be available.

The book is a historic treasure with 293 pages and a hard cover. It is loaded with historic and recent photographs of New Albany along with a very comprehensive history of all aspects of New Albany from the Five Nations of the Iroquois to the present.

Doris and Todd have made a wonderful gift to those who come after us with the presentation of this history book.

Henry G. Farley

President Bradford County Historical Society