Carbon footprints

EDITOR: In 1859, Charles Darwin went to print with "The Origin of the Species" which suggested that evolution was an ongoing process that had led to the diversity of life. Even today many people do not accept evolution as fact. This is in spite of the scientific evidence: continental drift, genetics, embryology, radioactive dating and a very extensive fossil record.

One's belief whether evolution is real or not, is for most people, irrelevant with respect to their daily lives. Today's hot issue is climate change or global warming. Should be we believe what science tells us?

This past decade has been the warmest in the last few centuries. We have had more extreme weather events in the most recent decade.

Remember Katrina, Irene and Sandy. The amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is approaching 400 parts per mission, the highest since the industrial revolution. The dissolved carbon dioxide in the oceans is making it more acidic and reducing the populations of calcium-requiring organisms such as corals, clams and oysters. Many calcium-dependent planktonic forms that serve as the base in the food web are also being reduced thereby threatening the oceans productivity. The oceans are warming, rising and causing changes to our weather patterns.

Burning fossil fuels worldwide is what has got us here. We need to take this threat seriously and look towards solar, wind and geothermal energy sources. We can use gas in the short term along with conservation actions but, we must consider the future for our children and grandchildren. This will require action on a local, state, federal and international level. The science speaks for itself. We are all impacted.

Marty Borko

Waverly, N.Y.

Note: Marty Borko is a retired biology professor from Orange County Community College; a part time biology instructor for Elmira College and the vice-president of the Carantouan Greenway.

Penn State article in Sports Illustrated

EDITOR: A thank you is due to S.L. Price for the very objective report he wrote regarding the agony that ALL Penn State University supporters are going through. However we (Pa. residents) are still stuck with a governor (Corbett) ... who did not do his job when he was the state attorney general; an acting president of PSU (Erickson) who on his best days is nothing but a half-wit; and of course the NCAA czar Emmert who took away all the well earned football wins that Coach Paterno had earned. You know the common denominator of these three men? They found out it was very easy to tell lies about a man who is in the ground!

Geo Houser

Burlington Township