KZFM Radio Station helps Rotary

EDITOR: Towanda Rotary members offer their deepest appreciation to Ben Smith and Joel Davis at KZFM for hosting Towanda Radio Day. Ben and Joel donated their personal time, equipment, and resources for one of our key fund raising events to support community needs and international exchange students.

As a Rotary exchange student, Ben has been profoundly impacted by the international experience. Rotary's senior members could not recall any past event where the membership "enjoyed" so much the participation experienced Saturday. Radio Day is not an easy task, given it takes a lot of coordination.

Unanimous listener comments heard back lauded management's professionalism and hosting abilities. Goodies from Chris Carr at the Flying Cow were absolutely delicious and everyone enjoyed the fantastic "non-caloric" pastries. (OK, we stretched the truth a little!)

Rotary as an organization reaches out across the world - people to people. While there are so many in need, the story of a man picking up and throwing back washed up fish comes to mind: A man came along and told the old man, there are so many, why are you wasting your time? All will die. The man reaching down to pick up one of the strays replied, I know, but to this one, it will make a difference - as he returned the fish back to the sea.

Towanda Rotary members and KZFM embody the Rotary motto - "Service Above Self." In that regard, such people represent the "Good Samaritans" who care deeply about the quality of life and humanity.

A Rotary banner was presented to the radio station as a small token of appreciation. The organization is always looking to grow membership. If anyone is interested, please call the writer, at (570) 265-6765 or any Rotary member.

Chuck Kovacs

Member of Towanda Rotary

Careful for whom you vote

EDITOR: In the final debate between the two presidential candidates you heard President Obama say that what we need is to rebuild our roads and bridges, interpretation, more stimulus. Borrow more money from China for our kids and grand kids to pay back to so that more money can be spent in the USA to buy China goods to stimulate the Chinese economy!

When Romney talked about the 47 percent receiving entitlement benefits he said it in a factual way and not in a derogatory way as the other party has tried to spin it. I, as a federal retiree and a recipient of both a paid for pension and Medicare benefits am in that 47 percent. Would I vote for Obama to insure that these well earned entitlements will continue. Most assuredly NOT! You give him one more year, say nothing about four more years and he will have us in national bankruptcy and then where will these entitlement payments come from?

Obama has no plan to pay down the deficit and only knows how to increase it. He still holds to his socialist ideals that Government can borrow it's way out of this nasty depression. He has no experience in financial matters. On the other hand Romney has a proven record as a Governor and businessman in dealing with finances. He has the best chance of getting us to having a national budget and figuring a way to start paying down our debt. He is also our best hope of making sure future entitlements are honored.

Ken Cooke