Evil is counting on us

EDITOR: Evil is counting on us.

Evil is counting on Catholics not to understand the Church's teaching on life and contraception.

Evil is counting on people of other faiths to think that the attacks on the religious freedom of Catholics does not affect their freedom.

Evil is counting on other Americans to ignore attacks on our Constitutional rights, traditional sacramental marriage and free market economy.

Evil is counting on us to let our government pile up so much debt that our children and grandchildren will not be able to pay even the interest.

Evil is counting on voters to accept 15 second sound bites from mainstream media outlets rather than study and understand the issues.

Evil is counting on us to accept a man's lies instead of God's eternal truths.

Evil is counting on us accepting 50 million aborted babies sacrificed to the false God of "choice."

Evil is counting on us voting away our country, our freedom, our families and our faith.

Three centuries ago, Edmund Burke stated "The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for men of good will to do nothing."

America wake up! Let us turn back from the cliff while we still can. Let us not vote ourselves into slavery after so many have sacrificed to make us the freest nation in history and the hope of the rest of the world. Inform yourself, take a stand, talk to friends, register to vote, pray!

We plan to vote for Romney!

Mike and Lou Ann Kilmer


Points to ponder

EDITOR: This November America will choose between two men as our president for the next four years.

We currently have a president whose main accomplishment before his election was to read a great speech off a teleprompter. A man with a radical past who listened to the Rev. Jeremiah Wright every Sunday and with friends such as Bill Ayers.

He has run our national debt up another $5 trillion to $16 trillion in less than four years. He doesn't seem to have any plans than to continue on this reckless path and for the USA to follow Europe down its path to bankruptcy.

Our country is blessed with abundant gas and petroleum resources. When gasoline prices approached $4 a gallon last spring his response was to block the building of the Keystone pipeline. He also refuses to allow the drilling for much of our petroleum.

We need to allow our businesses to thrive. When Boeing wanted to build a huge assembly plant in South Carolina he has his justice department file suit to block it. The reason was that South Carolina was a right-to-work state.

Obama has portrayed weakness and lack of resolve in his dealing with the Arab world. His snubbing of Benjamin Netanyahu has only emboldened the Iranians in their developing of an atom bomb. He couldn't find time to meet with any world leaders during the recent UN General Assembly. But he did find time to appear on "The View." When our embassy was attacked in Libya, he jetted off to Las Vegas and the next day to Colorado to campaign.

The media is all over Romney about his less than well chosen words in Florida caught on a hidden camera. They mention nothing about the open mike in S. Korea that caught Obama telling the Russian president that he will be able to "do more" about missile defense after the election. Medvedev states that he will "pass this on to Vladimir,"

Leland Gardner


Nutty socialistic tendencies

EDITOR: I am sure that all thinking Bradford County residents are by now sick and tired of the two "actors" who are running for president. Of course, to the faithful followers of our national politics, one of the candidates has already proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is not capable of being the dog catcher in Burlington, let alone the president of the USA, due to his lying ... "my father fought in World War Two" ... who was then 4 years old ... and on and on; due to his abandonment of our Constitution issues ... e.g., freedom of religion, the Second Amendment, the 10th Amendment read it you will understand what I am talking about it; and so forth. The other president wanna a be, we all have doubts about ... but hopefully he is honest?

Let me switch gears to a different subject which I consider very important ... that neither candidate for president ever talks about ... because they have no plan. On Jan. 1, 2013, TAXAGEDDON happens, taxes rise significantly, the government bureaus get to hire more morons, the DoD takes the largest hit in their budget. Did you see this week about Sikorsky closing their plant Sleeping Half-moon in Big Flats, N.Y.? Have you seen the announcement from Mr. R. Stevens, CEO of Lockheed Martin, predicting that his company will probably have to lay off 10,000-30,000 people ... with the new DoD budget? Is anybody awake out there? Our president is going to continue to cream the DoD budget ... while one of his ambassadors gets killed, the corpus brutalized by a bunch of religious nut cases ... and Obama is off to California for a fund raiser!

I am too old to worry about my own future in this once great nation but I have children and grandchildren that will have to live with these nutty socialistic, ideas. Aren't you worried?? I am.

Geo Houser

Burlington Twp.