Thanks, folks

EDITOR: I wish to thank BCRAC for continuing to bring first-rate talent and programming to the Valley. The Dali Quartet was outstanding - as good as any concert you could attend in a large city. It's a real shame that this community undervalues these cultural opportunities by poorly attending programs that are undeniably top-notch.

Marilyn Palmer


Work together

EDITOR: It is time for both parties to get their head out of their posteriors and work together to get our current problems regarding the budget impasse and debit ceiling resolved.

This is not fantasy football or some other childish game they are playing, but a serious problem that can have long lasting effects on our nation. Other nations look up to us as a super power, and leader but with the current deadlock, we are loosing credibility as a world leader.

Obamacare is the law now, and if changes are to be made, there is a way to do it properly. By legislation! Not bickering and holding the nation hostage until somebody blinks.

Bill Dell


Not worth it

EDITOR: I recently read an article on an online magazine about the apparent No. 1 sitcom on television, "The Big Bang Theory." The article stated that the three main stars of the show, Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki, and Kaley Cuoco had banded together to demand that they each receive a very hefty salary increase: 1 million dollars per episode aired. The article also mentioned that an "insider" believed that these stars would most likely receive the pay raise because the production company does not want to endanger the show. Really?! These celebrities want 1 million dollars per episode? I can't even fathom $1,000 in my bank account let alone a million! The government is due to shut down, families are starving in the United States, and I personally have to worry a couple weeks out of the month about how my daughter will get a pack of fresh diapers, yet people are worshiping and paying selfish, arrogant, narcissistic bimbos like this to act and have a pretty face. America, let's redirect some of our focus; stop paying regular individuals ridiculous salaries for their well-known faces and non hard-labor jobs and put some effort into the hardworking, family-oriented individuals who make this country go 'round.

Amanda Stankiewicz

Ralston, Pa.

Good job

EDITOR: I would like to thank the members of the Pennsylvania Game Commission and the many dedicated volunteers that made the drive across Cold Spring and Barclay mountain possible.

My grandfather was born at the four corners at Barclay in 1895, my parents had a hunting cabin "on the mountain" and I had the privilege of going to what is now Meadow View Hunting Club on the opening day of deer season as a youngster back in the early 50s.

I understand the need to keep these roads closed for much of the year, but I can not express our pleasure at going back and seeing so many places where a lifetime of memories were and are being done.

Job well done ladies and gentleman.

Bill Carey Sr.

Horseheads N.Y.

Where's the cup?

EDITOR: Isn't it a part of a newspaper's function to stimulate interest in current events? And in sports: to startle their readers with revelations of notable effort and achievement in competition at the highest level without prejudice at the perceived popularity of the sport with your readers-because it is deserving of their notice? Most especially when the event has an historic tradition and is named for the first winner representing our own country in 1851?

I am referring to the America's Cup Regatta held this year in San Francisco. Since the cup was donated in 1857 as the perpetual prize, it was successfully defended by the United States for 126 years until losing to Australia II in 1983.

Just recently it was again secured for the U.S. by Team Oracle U.S.A. in an unbelievable recovery from a seven-race deficit, winning the next eight races. A loss in any of those races would have given the cup to team New Zealand who spent upwards of $500 millions on their campaign.

Your paper's only coverage appeared after the victory and amounted to 16 lines on page 6 of the sports section below Schawillie Field Hockey.

Ronald C. Young